LocalUp whitepaper GLOBAL BUT LOCAL

Find out more exciting insights and developments in hyperlocally controlled social media & Google advertising based on various case studies.

Available for all common platforms:

Why LocalUp? Advertise digitally in next to no time

Pay only for what is seen

LocalUp minimizes advertising in the trash. Save cash and protect the environment at the same time.

Advertise where it is worthwhile

Advertise accurately and don't just rely on the circulation of a newspaper.

Undivided attention

Land your ad directly in the interesting content and not on an unnoticed advertising page.

What is Localup? Automated Social Media & Google Marketing

AI driven marketing technology for companies with a large number of Point-of-Sales.

Smart and efficient targeting of 100, 1,000
or even 100,000
hyperlocal campaigns.

Optimally applicable for product promotions,
social recruitment and
lead generation.


More visibility and brand presence as well as
less wastage through

How does LocalUp work? Test your marketing potential

Just give us some information about your target group and we will tell you how many potential customers you can reach and how much it will cost you so that exactly the "right" ones will see your ad.

Choose a platform

In which location do you want to advertise?

Gender of your target audience

Age of your target audience

Your potential market:


Potential buyers


People could be reached for just € 100 *


Cheaper than an advertisement in a print magazine

Contact LocalUp

LocalUp can do much more

  • Individual displays per location

    Automated integration of individual partner logos or original photos of your locations possible.

  • Reduced wastage in the target group

    Narrow down your target group according to age, gender, interests and GPS-precise in the relevant catchment area.

  • Dynamic budget distribution

    Use all relevant ad formats at no extra cost and be guaranteed to only pay for what is actually seen by the reader.

  • Multichannel campaigns

    Place your ads on Facebook, Instagram as well as Google Display and Search to reach your target group even more effectively.

  • Automation of complex digital campaigns

    With LocalUp, even complex campaigns are created in a few individual steps and played out on your desired date.

  • Individual reporting

    Get a digital dashboard and monitor the results of your ads in real time.

John Mouthaan

Senior Manager - Digital Marketing, Coca-Cola European Partners

"This hyperlocal Facebook campaign has made a major contribution to the launch of Fuze Tea in the Netherlands. In particular, the generating brand awareness to close to the point-of-sale has helped increase Fuze Tea turnover over a short period of time."

The solution for chain stores and brands Advertise specifically and individually for each location

  • Each location receives its own individual display.
  • Scalable and fully automated for thousands of locations.
  • Place digital advertisements without any prior technical knowledge.
  • And benefit from the low prices of these channels.
  • Our customers


    Personalize your business Low risk, high cost efficiency

    50 €

    reach up to
    20,000 customers

    150 €

    reach up to
    60,000 customers

    400 €

    reach up to
    160,000 customers

    1000 €

    reach up to
    400,000 customers


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