Marketing for the ears: These are the 10 best marketing podcasts

Marketing for the ears: These are the 10 best marketing podcasts

Sissy Scheible
Sissy Scheible
published on June 14, 2023   

Marketing Podcasts - The most important points in brief:

  • Podcasts can be used as more than just advertising platforms.

  • Well over 100 podcasts offer educational content on marketing.

  • There are podcasts for marketing beginners and for experts.

  • 10 podcasts you shouldn't miss.

29 percent of Germans listen to a podcast at least once a month. Although the numbers are significantly higher in countries like Ireland or Sweden, where it exceeds 40 percent, it can still be confidently said that podcasts are a trend in Germany as well. An increasing number of companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to advertise their offerings in popular podcasts. In addition to their use as an advertising platform, podcasts are also valuable in the marketing industry for another purpose: as a source of information. There are well over 100 podcasts that focus on the latest trends in marketing. We will introduce you to the top ten among them.

Marketing for the ears: These are the 10 best marketing podcasts
Read here what types of podcast there are and what advertising formats you can use with podcasts.

OMR Podcast

OMR stands for Online Marketing Rockstars. The OMR Podcast was one of the first major marketing podcasts and has been at the top of the marketing podcast charts ever since. In it, OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer regularly invites the most exciting people from the digital and business industries to talk. Topics include new technologies, digital trends, Internet business models, start-ups, brands, founders and products with a digital background. The episodes are about 70 minutes long, so they’re ideal for long car journeys.
Guests have included Shopify founder Tobias Lütke, influencer Bonnie Strange and even Günther Jauch.
Due to the success of the podcast, other formats have been launched, such as the OMR Education Podcast, where valuable practical knowledge from the world of online marketing is imparted every week.
The OMR podcasts can be heard on all popular podcast platforms.


Apart from numerous very good evaluations, which concern above all contents of the marketing podcast, there are also points of criticism. For example, the host’s speaking style is predominantly criticized, as he is said to speak very quickly and without pauses. The fact that mainly men are invited to the podcast also meets with criticism.

#sichtbar – online wachsen mit Katrin Hill (#visible – growing online with Katrin Hill)

Too little femininity is an accusation that cannot be made against the podcast “#sichtbar – online wachsen mit Katrin Hill“. The self-proclaimed “online visibility expert” is not afraid to discuss topics such as “Children, career & camels – the everyday life of a traveling business mom” in the marketing podcast. But the main topics are reach strategies, organic growth, community building and starting and scaling a sustainable successful online business.
In the beginning, the podcast was only about Facebook marketing, which is why Kathrin Hill used to be known as the “Facebook Pope“. In the meantime, however, the topics have expanded to cover the entire field of online marketing. So, among other things, the platforms Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Whatsapp are also included and it is also about things like podcast marketing, email marketing and the customer journey.
From five minutes to over 1.5 hours – the podcast episodes have no fixed time frame. Katrin Hill gives each topic exactly as much time as it needs. You can listen to the podcast on all popular podcast platforms, including deezer.


With over 1.5 million podcast downloads, critical tones should actually be heard in the ratings. Instead, there are almost without exception 5-star ratings  for Katrin Hill. She is praised above all for her motivating and inspiring manner. Her listeners like the fact that she remains at eye level with them while appearing natural and down-to-earth. Her content is rated as professional and very helpful.

OMT Podcast

The OMT Podcast by OMT founder Mario Jung also deals with all topics related to online marketing. Experts from a wide range of disciplines regularly have their say, such as Kevin Indig from the field of SEO, Björn Tantau as a social media marketing expert or Eduard Andrae as a blogging expert. But newcomers also reveal the secrets of their success in the podcast.
Just as the OMT website is intended to be a meeting place for everyone interested in online marketing, this podcast is also intended for those interested in all topics related to online marketing. For example, recent topics have included the Metaverse, the OMR Festival, online marketing abroad and, of course, ChatGPT.
The OMT podcast can also be heard on all major platforms or on the OMT website. There is no specific episode length for the podcast.


The OMT Podcast has predominantly 5-star ratings. The most criticized thing is that the topics are more relevant for marketing beginners and not for marketing experts. However, not every “expert” seems to share this opinion either.

Social Marketing Nerds

The marketing podcast of the Social Marketing Nerds, now called “Der Nerds Podcast,” is also very popular. The Nerds, consisting of Jan Stranghöner, Alexander Boecker, and Maren Kaspers, collectively provide tips for effective advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more. The podcast features firsthand experiences with ad creation, delivery, optimization, and other topics in the realm of social media. They cover a wide range of subjects, including the perfect LinkedIn strategy, user-generated content for social ads, and even neuromarketing. They discuss all the topics relevant to the advertising industry. However, the podcast may not be highly relevant for companies aiming for organic growth on their platforms.
The episodes range from 30 to 50 minutes in length. They regularly invite interesting guests who provide insights into the online marketing strategies of major companies or the latest developments on prominent platforms like LinkedIn.
You can listen to the marketing podcast on all major platforms, including Spotify.


At the Nerds has an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars with currently 58 reviews. The topics are consistently praised there and on other review portals. Fewer stars are mostly given only because of the sound quality, although this criticism refers to the older episodes and is no longer mentioned for the newer episodes.

Listen & Grow

Hubspot’s “Listen & Grow”-podcast was formerly known as “The digital helpdesk“. Hubspot describes it as “The business podcast for marketing, sales, service & CRM.” The goal is to help companies master the challenges of the ever-faster pace of digitalization. To this end, experts are regularly invited to share their knowledge on a wide range of topics with listeners. The podcast is hosted by HubSpot’s digital specialists. Recent topics have included “Stumbling blocks in marketing automation,” “The basics of topic clusters and pillar pages,” and “2023, the year of communities.”
There are so-called “shorts” episodes that are only a few minutes long and longer episodes that last between half an hour and an hour.
You can listen to the podcast on all major platforms.


Like probably all marketing podcasts we feature here, Listen & Grow is almost exclusively well reviewed, with the exception of very specific reviews, for example from people who are bothered by gendering.

Go For It!

There is concentrated female power in the marketing podcast “Go For It! Your Online Business Podcast“. Host Caroline Preuss has been at home in the online world for over six years. She started out as a blogger before building her own business. She passes on the knowledge she has gathered in this way in the podcast. Interesting guests are often invited as well. The podcast is aimed at all entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build a profitable online business. From email marketing to funnels, Facebook ads, Instagram, launch strategies to content and social media marketing, all topics are represented. What’s interesting is how Caroline Preuss explains step by step everything that newcomers to online marketing need to know. The podcast is therefore also aimed primarily at them. Those who have been active in online marketing for a while will get some new input in this podcast, but will generally encounter more familiar topics.
The episodes are between 20 and 60 minutes long. You can listen to them on iTunes, Spotify and Google.


Reviews of the marketing podcast range from “simply brilliant” to “mega” to “one of the best podcasts on online business.” Above all, the valuable tips, the informative content and the likeable manner of Caroline Preuss are praised. Negative reviews seem to come only from people who are bothered by the fact that the host is a woman.

Vorsprung im Marketing mit Verkaufspsychologie (A head start in marketing with sales psychology)

As the name suggests, the unique selling point of “Vorsprung im Marketing mit Verkaufspsychologie” is the fact that host Matthias Niggehoff approaches marketing topics here with a focus on sales psychology. In addition to general marketing topics, such as the customer’s motives for buying or the effect of colors, there are also more frequent episodes that relate specifically to online marketing. Episodes on this included “Texts on the landing page – Use these five levers”, “Position yourself as an industry leader with LinkedIn marketing” and “The rule of 3 – Copy Talk with Laura Hannemann”. There are always interesting guests in conversation with Matthias Niggehoff. The episodes are usually quite short, under ten minutes. Occasionally there are longer episodes, but they all stay under an hour. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify.


The marketing podcast topics are widely praised. Even marketing experts still learn new things here. Criticism is that the topics are often treated only superficially and, unfortunately rightly, that Matthias Niggehoff in his podcast too often makes advertising for his own products. Nevertheless the Podcast ranks at present on place eight of the marketing podcasts charts.

Search Effect – the SEO Podcast

Search Effect” is a podcast for anyone interested in how to improve their website’s ranking on Google. In each episode, hosts Jonas Tietgen and Jannik Schubert give tips on how to increase the number of visitors to their own website and show strategies on how to optimize content in a search engine friendly way. For example, recent episodes have covered Google’s E-E-A-T concept, Google Search Console warnings, good and bad backlinks, and the best Google Analytics 4 alternative, among other topics. The podcast regularly welcomes guests, such as Thomas Ottersbach, who himself offers a successful SEO podcast with “SeoSenf“.
The episodes are between 20 and 60 minutes long. They are offered on all major platforms, including Deezer.


In the reviews, most listeners agree that it is one of the best SEO podcasts in the German-speaking world. It is especially praised that the SEO topics are explained so easily understandable. “Entertaining, likeable, informative”, “valuable content” and “Absolutely worth listening to!”, are just some of the effusive reviews.

Monsters of Content

Once a month, fischerAppelt editor-in-chief Dirk Benninghoff talks to industry leaders in content marketing about their exciting cases. From strategy to technology and story to distribution, data and KPIs, all the important topics of content marketing are represented. Guests on the podcast have included Jan Trichterborn (Mondelez Marketing DACH), Heiner Kuhlmann (Spotify) and Thorsten Scheimann (DB Social Media).
What stands out most are the visuals for the respective podcast episodes, which do great justice to the name “Monsters of Content Marketing”.
The episodes last 20-40 minutes. They are available on the most popular platforms, including Apple Podcasts.


The marketing podcast is described by fischerAppelt itself as “frighteningly good” and “incredibly successful.” The ratings seem to confirm this, even though there are still comparatively few reviews. After all, the podcast has received a full 5 stars every time in 14 reviews at chartable. The podcast is described as well implemented and inspiring.

Triple A

Triple A – authentic, attractive and appealing in business” is the oldest social media podcast in Austria. The podcast is about digital communication and how companies can create an appealing and trustworthy digital presence. Valuable tips are given on how companies can best communicate with their target audience via digital channels. Podcasts themselves are often the topic, for example in the episode “Recruiting reinvented: With podcasts to the dream team”.
Host Daniel Friesenecker regularly invites interesting guests, such as Arno Hochsteiner (Design Kitchen), Andreas Sator (journalist and podcaster) and Viktoria Urbanek (tourism podcaster and online marketer).
Triple A is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Audible. The episode length varies between 10 and 50 minutes.


Triple A has received five stars on chartable  every time out of 76 reviews. Listeners praise how in-depth, authentic and practical the podcast is. “Super podcast with added value“, “Exciting and technically very competent” and “THE marketing podcast in Austria” are just three of the incredibly many positive reviews. In Austria, Triple A has long since ceased to be an insider tip. The podcast is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany.


In addition to the ten podcasts mentioned, there are of course numerous other informative and entertaining podcasts on the topic of marketing. From SEO, SEA, content marketing, industry news, copywriting to e-commerce and branding, there is a suitable podcast for every marketing topic. Which one is best for you and your business depends partly on your previous marketing knowledge, but also on your personal taste. Do you like the formats better where several hosts have a conversation with each other? Or do you like it better when a single person lectures on the topic? Do you like listening to shows where experts are regularly invited as guests?
Here you will find a list of the currently most listened marketing podcasts. You’re sure to find a podcast there that suits your marketing level and personal listening preferences.