The lockdown caused by the Corona pandemic also requires a rethink on the topic of advertising. Brands and companies now have to deal with the fact that people and thus potential customers are moving less frequently and extensively in urban areas and that they have to look for corresponding shopping alternatives from the couch due to a higher proportion of home offices as well as closed retail. And companies that are present with branches have to adapt to the shopping alternatives in order to stay in the conversation and in business, so that the re-launch of stationary retail in the city centres succeeds quickly and well. What can retailers and brands do now to continue to win over customers?


#1 Retooling the core business 

Not communication in the strictest sense, but – the first step is to retool your core business so that it remains accessible. You haven’t offered your granola bar online until now? Do customers have to visit your store to try on your sports shoes? Change that. Today, it’s extremely easy to make your first steps online. For advice via Whatsapp, you basically need nothing more than a smartphone, and for a simple delivery service, a bicycle is enough in smaller cities. Try it out instead of trying to make everything perfect – because every day without such services costs money.  


#2 Digitize contacts for all they’re worth 

Admittedly, for those who haven’t started yet, it’s plenty late – but still: The best prerequisite for reaching customers even during the pandemic is a well-maintained contact network. If this does not yet exist, then start now at the latest. Send your contacts regular newsletters, point out offers of the week and also think about how you can inspire recipients to forward your newsletter. Sweepstakes work wonders here. A newsletter like this is the first starting point for your own loyalty program. 


#3 Use social media purposefully, but broadly 

Of course, Corona creates some losers – but also winners, and social networks are among them. When much of your free time is taken away, you have more and more time to use social media. For you, social media is the channel to generate new contacts. The important thing here is to advertise in a targeted way on the one hand and broadly on the other. So if your deodorant is available throughout Germany, but not in every supermarket, you should only target users who are in the vicinity of the point of sale – and ideally also show them directly in which store exactly the product is available. This is made possible by the LocalUp software. What it can do and how it works, you can find here


#4 Planning for the time after 

Even if it does not feel like it, the lockdown will end at some point. That makes it even more important to start thinking about how you’ll draw customers back into your store now. What services that you changed during the pandemic do you want to maintain afterwards? What do you want to do better than before? Post-Corona seems a long way off – but now is the time to think about it, or you’ll be just as unprepared after the crisis as you were during it. 


#5 Stay positive 

The longer this lockdown lasts, the more difficult it will be – but it’s very important to stay positive during this time. Your customers are sad enough – they’ll be happy to see a smile or to hear about measures that sound like happy brands and retailers.  




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