5 Tips for video conferencing

5 Tips for video conferencing

Désirée Aucello
Désirée Aucello
published at June 25, 2021   
updated at March 21, 2022

Video conferencing has become an integral part of many companies. This is mainly due to changes in work structures. Since 2020 at the latest, a large proportion of employees work in a home office due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have listed the most important tips for you so that your conference can run professionally and successfully.


1. Announcement

Announce the video conference in good time so that all participants can keep the date free. It’s best to invite everyone by e-mail and give an approximate time frame for how long the meeting will last. That way, everyone can plan in enough time. You should also communicate the topic in advance so that everyone can prepare for the meeting. This will make the meeting more effective right away and allow it to run smoothly. 


2. Environment

Choose a suitable room for your video conference in advance. It is important to have a quiet environment without background noise or other disturbances such as people bursting in or the like. It is also recommended to clean up before the meeting starts to create a pleasant working atmosphere. Empty beer bottles or pizza boxes in the background are an absolute no-go. You should be the focal point of the virtual conference, so it is advisable to sit in front of an empty, monochrome wall or use a neutral background picture. Bookshelves, pictures or decorative items will only distract unnecessarily from you. 


3. Light

Make sure that the lighting is pleasant. Avoid backlighting and direct sunlight, as well as light coming in from the side, as this increases shadows and, in extreme cases, can lead to only one half of your face being recognizable in the video. 


4. Preparation

Allow enough time beforehand to prepare the technique. Test the sound, camera, and image quality well in advance of the start of the video conference so that everything is ready without errors. Make sure your camera works, is positioned correctly and the angle is right. Test your microphone and open your presentation in the background. Nothing is more uncomfortable for participants than if one person has technical difficulties during the meeting. Also, have a pen and a notebook ready so that you can take down the most important things.


5. Conversation protocol

It is advisable to keep a record of the conversation, because if technical problems do occur during the meeting, you can use it to ensure that all participants receive the most important information. You can then send the meeting minutes to all participants afterwards, for example by e-mail. 



In general, it is important that you always speak clearly and at a comfortable volume so that the other conference participants can understand you well. In addition, always let the person  talking finish speaking. And now good luck with your upcoming video conference!



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