Local SEO has only been around for a few years, as Google was simply overwhelmed with local search queries before. It can be described as a very important aspect of general search engine optimization (SEO). Only after more and more data had been enriched and the search algorithms greatly improved, Google could interpret and understand search queries such as “hairdressers in my area”. Local SEO gives retailers and chain stores the opportunity to generate more in-store visits and thus increase their sales. In total, there are over 200 factors that influence the local ranking of a company.


For which companies is Local SEO worthwhile?


Basically every company that operates at least one store profits from Local SEO — regardless of size, number of employees or industry. Local SEO makes sense for:

  • Hairdressers
  • DIY stores
  • Physicians
  • Attorneys
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Other shops


Simply put, companies visited by customers should rely on Local SEO.


“And why is Local SEO also important to me now?”


79 percent of all smartphone owners in Germany use their mobile device for search queries. Especially for tourists or people unfamiliar with the place, the mobile phone is the means of choice for local search queries. Even hidden shops off the beaten track have a chance of spontaneous casual customers.


In the following we have therefore collected 5 tips for you to be better found on Google locally:

1. Google Is Smart

You’ve probably experienced it yourself: If you just enter “Italian restaurant” or “gas station” as a search query, Google will show you results in your area. The reason is simple: For Google, it’s likely that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Therefore, you should definitely appear on “Google my Business”, Google’s business directory.


2. Mind the NAP!

What does NAP mean? Very simple: Name, Address, Phone Number. These three important points should always be the same — especially when it comes to form, spelling and sorting.


3. Local Links

Even though the relevance of backlinks has slightly decreased in recent years, they are still important influencing factors in Google’s evaluation of a website. In order for a local page to be ranked better, the backlink should be locally relevant. These links are also relevant for local news, because Google classifies them as particularly credible. Local links from chambers of trade, dealers, suppliers, regional magazines and newspapers are also useful.


4. Local Citations

Entries in local directories are called Local Citations and are essential for Local SEO. Every company should make use of suitable entries in yellow pages and other important online directories. Of course, the main focus should always be on the directories that are relevant for the company’s industry. Because if the directories fit to the respective industry, Google establishes a thematic and direct reference to the offer of the web page and evaluates this as an important signal for the meaning of the side. Here too, of course, all entries in the directories must be correct and correspond to the data on the company’s official website.


5. One Local SEO Landingpage per Store

If it is a retail store that operates several locations, a single website is not sufficient. In order to maintain a good position in the local search results, we recommend that the company creates its own landing page for each individual location. If this is not possible (no resources, too much effort, etc.), a Facebook page can be created for each branch. This results in a local website for visitors and potential customers that is linked to a suitable local location. On the landing page/Facebook page, the location should be mentioned in important elements. It is also a good idea to mention current promotions such as an open Sunday or new products on the page.


If you would like to learn more, please contact us via info@localup.io and let us talk about how you can make the most of LocalUp for your regional online marketing.

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