We’re still in the pandemic now, but since incidences have plummeted, it’s possible for customers to shop locally again, much to all our delight. How can you as a retailer (and brand) benefit most from this? We have compiled seven action points for you.


1. Be visible!

Due to the lockdown and the associated closure of stores, customers have switched to digital alternatives. You certainly haven’t been forgotten, but you’ve probably been pushed to the back of your customers’ minds. So now it’s time to remember. How do you get your customers to come back to you? You can advertise offline with letters and appropriate window dressing, but you should also use digital channels to do so. Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram are particularly interesting for this – not only for your own channels, but also for additional advertisements. In addition, the opening after the lockdown is definitely a good opportunity for a special newsletter.


2. Do local advertising 

After the many chaotic months, your customer:s are used to the fact that regulations never apply in the same way everywhere and are constantly changing. That’s why it makes sense to do local advertising for the opening. The startup LocalUp offers the possibility to play out ads locally on Facebook, Google and Instagram, and to show local content – for example, the picture of the next store. And it does so without requiring anyone on your team to manually target hundreds or even thousands of ads to do so.  

3. Highlight the Corona Rules

Make it clear to your customers what to look out for and what they are allowed to do, as this is especially necessary after the back-and-forth of the last few months. It’s best to communicate the rules in advance in advertising, such as “Shop with us now without testing or pre-registration.” After all, it’s this news that makes your campaign relevant. By the way: via LocalUp, even different local rules can be automatically integrated into the ad creation. 

4. Advertise with welcome-back offers

Finally being able to go shopping again is the highlight for customers. You should take advantage of this and make it a shared experience, because joy shared is joy doubled: advertise with welcome-back offers, or give your customers a little something to welcome them and tell them enthusiastically how happy you are to finally be able to be there for your customers again. The end of the lockdown will be remembered by many people for years to come and they will talk about it for a long time – become part of history! 

5. Stay responsible! 

For customers, the first time they shop in brick-and-mortar retail stores will be unfamiliar. Being close to other people could still be perceived as uncomfortable for them and hygiene is certainly still very much taken care of. Since people prefer not to come back to a place where they feel uncomfortable, it is especially important that you provide a pleasant environment. Provide voluntary hygiene measures, pay attention to distances and thereby show your customers how seriously you take them. 

6. Stay digital! 

Out of loyalty, many customers have used the digital offerings of their regular retailers to support them – even if they weren’t always competitive. By now, the choice is greater and some of your customers have become accustomed to, or even like, shopping online. So keep the digital offerings and continue to allow delivery, appointment setting and so on.

7. Stick together! 

If you are a brand or manufacturer, especially now, support your retail partners. Deliberately place online ads that lead not only to online stores, but also to the nearest distribution partner. How this works technically, without you having mega effort, we have already explained above. The LocalUp team will be happy to support you. 


By the way, how a concrete campaign with LocalUp can look like, read here


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