Do Google Reviews impact my local rankings?

Reviews are an important part of your local presence on Google. Besides Google's own reviews, it also shows reviews from Facebook and other review plattforms.

Here is an example of a local store in Berlin, Germany:

Google Reviews Impact

On the one hand reviews are very effective to get the attention of your users, but on the other hand it is also a quite important factor for local rankings. Based on a study on SearchEngineLand more than 88% of customers trust into online reviews. It must be worth it, to build these up.

At LocalUp we took a closer look on rankings when loosing or gaining reviews for your local profile. In conclusion we saw ranking gains and losses ranging between 1 to 2 positions in the local profile pack on Google. That's quite much impact for an attribute which you can scale on your own.

Insgesamt existieren über 200 Faktoren die Einfluss auf das lokale Ranking eines Unternehmens haben - Rezensionen spielen dabei eine entscheidende Rolle.

Collect positive Reviews

The basic requirement is a Google My Business Profile: Google My Business Profil. In case you got your location verified, you get insights on your location and you are able to comment your reviews.

What makes total sense is to create a dedicated link for your reviews, so you can share it in E-Mails or other spots that fit:

Google Place-ID Lookup Tool

Now you are able to use that link and send your visitors directly to your Google Review Page.

We wish you much success for collecting new positive reviews on Google!