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How companies successfully use LocalUp

Would you like to promote your product using a hyperlocal campaign? Find out in our case studies how LocalUp can lead to successful marketing of your products.

EDEKA: Local advertising makes campaigns around 50% more efficient

Who is the customer?

The EDEKA Group is one of the leading food retailers in Germany. EDEKA Nordbayern-Sachsen-Thüringen supplies around 900 retail markets under the EDEKA, Marktkauf, diska and Kupsch brands in northern Bavaria, northern Baden-Württemberg, Thuringia and Saxony.

What was the task?

The company’s weekly advertising brochure is to be promoted specifically and locally around the markets on Facebook, Instagram and via Google Display Network. In addition, social media is to be used for recruiting for salespeople or trainees in the individual stores without each of them having to place ads individually. The implementation should not require a social media expert, but can also be done by all-rounders.

What was our solution?

In LocalUp’s self-service app, the Edeka marketing team can select stores individually or in groups and assign them the products to be advertised from the brochure. The respective ads are automatically displayed only in the direct vicinity of the stores – if a store moves or opens a new one, this is stored once in the app. Job ads are also displayed locally around the stores where corresponding positions are available – when the user clicks on the local ad, they are taken directly to the local website of the individual store, where the relevant contact details can be found. Facebook or Instagram knowledge is not required throughout the use.

What was our solution?

The cost per click on the individual ad is significantly lower than when it is placed without local distinctions. About two euros were paid per 1,000 ad impressions (CPM) – according to studies, classic Facebook ads are more than twice as expensive on average (source). The personnel and technical effort for the Edeka marketing team is significantly lower. Both Facebook, Instagram and Google Display Ads can be placed in one interface. Campaign reporting allows full control of costs and results at all times.



Beleke: Local advertising for retailers – nice and easy

Who is the customer?

The Beleke publishing house from Essen has been a partner for tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in the field of local marketing for more than 55 years. The product portfolio ranges from website creation and local listings to the development of social media pages.


What was the task?

The Facebook & Instagram campaigns booked by the individual SMEs should be booked easily, quickly and clearly without having to use the Facebook Business Manager. The ads should not be “off the shelf” but highly customised to the client. Transparent customer reports must be generated quickly and forwarded to the company. A large number of ads running in parallel must be coordinated and visible at all times.


What was our solution?

With the help of an individually tailored data feed, the employees of Beleke publishing house can create new campaigns at any time, which are converted into locally controlled Facebook and Instagram ads completely automatically using the LocalUp software. In this data feed, the employees can define the demographic target group, the interests as well as a budget split between Facebook and Instagram individually according to the customer’s wishes, in addition to text, image, location and landing page. Experiences and wishes are exchanged in regular coordination in order to constantly optimise the quality of the local campaigns. Each company receives its own report as a DataStudio report, which includes all relevant KPIs.


What is the result?

Due to the individualisation of the ads and the locally relevant targeting, strong click rates of up to 4 % are achieved in some cases. The personnel and technical effort for the Beleke publishing house is low. Even the training of new employees is not time-consuming due to the simple and clear handling. The customer gets insight into the performance of his booked campaign at any time through real-time reporting. Possible changes to text, image or radius can also be made during the campaign.

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