DPD Service GmbH Location-specific social recruitment for DPD depots

DPD campaign: Facebook, Instagram and Google

Who is the customer?
DPD Service GmbH is a subsidiary of the second largest German parcel service provider, DPD Deutschland GmbH.
The organisation is responsible for the recruitment, coordination and efficient deployment of its own parcel delivery staff in Germany.
What was the task?
Locally individualized recruitment campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google.
Separate booking of campaigns per platform should be possible on demand.
CI-compliant ads that can be scaled to all individual depot locations with a turn of the hand.
The time required for booking campaigns should be reduced to a minimum for recruiters.
What was our solution?
LocalUp setup for individual booking of Facebook, Instagram and Google Search Ads.
Fast and efficient booking with all relevant details via email form.
Thanks to dynamic placeholders, ads are scalable within a very short time, can be booked for any location and are played out directly in the corresponding radius of the depot.
Budget of each campaign can be selected specifically.
Different text and creative variants can be tested on all platforms to find most appealing version.

What is the result?

Per campaign, targeted potential applicants are directed to the appropriate landing page to view the detailed job description and apply.
The additional branding effect for DPD supports the recruitment ads and applicant search.
No expertise is required and the process can be quickly passed on to new employees.
The posting effort for DPD is low, in single-digit minute range.
Campaign reporting gives DPD full control of costs and results at all times.

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