LocalUp Center

for brands and everyone who wants to play out their campaign centrally controlled

Local differences? Each ad is individualized down to the smallest detail for location, dealer and products available
Each ad automated & individual for the advertised location, without manual image or text adjustments
High location density? Geo-algorithm ensures optimal grouping of locations
All ads generated automatically and yet individually tailored to your retailers, their locations and offers
Would you like to support your retailers in their marketing activities and take the controls into your own hands? Our Center Program is the perfect solution for you!
Different offers, opening hours etc.? Every ad is individualized down to the smallest detail for your merchants - including opening hours, products, design etc.
Consistent appearance? Thanks to the creative you have defined in advance, the campaign gets the design you want - and is at the same time individualised according to your specifications
Many closely related traders? The algorithm groups nearby merchants into clusters with individual catchment areas and dynamically distributes the budget - thus avoiding budget cannibalization
In this way, you take your product success into your own hands where it is really decided: At the point of sale and in its neighbourhood!
Intelligent geographic display and grouping of retailers to avoid budget cannibalization
Particularly in conurbations, "one display per location" is rarely a good solution. In Facebook auctions you will quickly increase your own CPM.
To avoid budget cannibalization, we use intelligent geo-grouping algorithms that group your retailers into reach-efficient ad sets.
The result is few to no competing location clusters.

Case study LocalUp Center
Company X wants to launch a new product on the German market: a new potato chips brand. The new brand will be represented in over 10,000 stores, which is a marketing challenge for the company. To make matters worse, there will be three different varieties and not every store will offer all varieties.
Together with LocalUp, Company X is implementing a nationwide Facebook campaign. Here the LocalUp software gets a connection to the data record in which all shops are listed that offer one type or more of the new chips brand. In addition, all opening hours and information on the range of products offered by the shops are listed there.
Together with the LocalUp team, Company X creates a template for the Facebook campaign, in which the respective chips type can be inserted as desired. The software automatically inserts the correct content into the template, so that no further manual adjustments are necessary.
Once the creative is finished, the software can create the ads and ad sets. The text and links are also automatically adapted by the software - just like the template - and no longer need to be changed manually.
One challenge is that the new chips brand will be sold at over 10,000 points of sale: because if you use fixed circles at all these PoS where the ad is played out, there will be overlaps and the ads will bid against each other - an unnecessary budget cannibalization. That's why the software groups closely related PoS into a cluster and can then play them out as a carousel ad. The same system is used when a PoS offers several types of chips. If there is only one shop with one type of chip within the user's radius, this would be played out as a link ad.
A further advantage that the LocalUp software has: the clusters have individual reaches, which result on one hand from Facebook users, but also from other intersections such as data from residents' registration offices. In addition, any number of other connections can be created, so that, for example, a different display is shown in good weather than in bad weather.

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