LocalUp Center

for brands and all those who want to play out their campaign centrally controlled

Completely centralised campaign without dealer intervention
Uniform design of all ads according to company specifications
No technical understanding of the dealers necessary
Avoidance of budget cannibalisation through clustering
Unlimited number of interfaces
Automatically generated, but still individual ads
Would you like to support your retailers in marketing and take the reins yourself? The solution: LocalUp Center!
Different offers, opening hours etc.?
Every ad is individualized down to the smallest detail - without manual image or text adjustments.
Uniform appearance according to CI specifications?
Your campaign gets the desired design through your defined creative - and is individualised at the same time.
High location density?
The geo-algorithm groups retailers that are close together into clusters and distributes the budget dynamically.
Take your product's success into your own hands where it is really decided: At the point of sale and in its environment!
Intelligent geographic playout on Facebook, Instagram and Google
Especially in metropolitan areas, "one ad per location" is rarely a good solution. In Facebook auctions, this quickly drives up your own CPM.
To avoid budget cannibalisation, we use intelligent geo-grouping algorithms that group your retailers into reach-efficient ad sets.
The result is location clusters that compete little or not at all.

Typical campaign flow with LocalUp Center

Create data feed

You give us a data feed with addresses, opening hours, logo, creatives, texts, target groups etc.

Set up campaign

We implement the desired campaign setup in our own developed automation software.

Get access

To start the campaign, we need access to your company pages for Facebook and Google Ads.

Create ads

The software automatically sets the right content and creates the ads without manual adjustment.

Play out ads

The generated ads are transferred to the Facebook Business Manager or Google Ads account.

Create report

In the reporting, the performance of the campaign can be measured using selected key figures.

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