7 tips for successful customer communication in social media

7 tips for successful customer communication in social media

Jan Koch
Jan Koch
published on May 11, 2022   

Customer communication in social media – The most important in a nutshell

  • Corporate identity and corporate communication are the basis for a good customer understanding and customer relationship.

  • Social media is an important tool for customer communication.

  • There are differences in customer communication between B2B & B2C companies.

  • Social media guidelines are helpful for successful customer communication in social media.

Nowadays, buzzwords like Web 2.0, Customer Centricity or Community Management are on everyone’s lips, because for quite some time now the focus has been more than ever on the customer and the power of the customer. Direct digital feedback can be given via rating portals, opinions and experiences are exchanged via social media, and thanks to large amounts of data in CRM systems, companies can develop products even more specifically and individually and offer them to the appropriate target group. But what is essential here in order to successfully use this trend for yourself and manage it in a targeted manner via good customer communication in social media portals?

Communication policy as the basis for a successful social media presence

Communication policy is a discipline of the marketing mix and stands for the entire communicative image of a company. The primary goal is the creation of a positive image and a positive attitude of the customers to the products offered by the company. The communication policy is largely based on the established and established corporate identity to give the company a uniform appearance.

In the context of customer communication in social media and also all other communication channels, corporate communication, i.e. the way the company wants to interact with its customers, determines the appearance. Is the customer addressed or not? How quickly is a response given? Are the answers to questions or criticisms in a serious tone or more casual? All these questions influence customer communication in social media.

Communication policy as a component of the marketing mix

Communication policy as a component of the marketing mix

Building a communication strategy in social media

The answers to the questions just asked are essential for the company’s communication strategy. This strategy is set for the long term in order to give customers and readers a lasting, consistent and familiar impression of the contact. It is extremely important that all employees adhere to this strategy in order to increase the customer’s identification with the company and to signal authenticity. The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), for example, pursue a clear and concise communication strategy that sticks in the mind with a very humorous and authentic style.

Customer communication of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) on Facebook

Customer communication of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) on Facebook

Social media as a communication tool

Social media has become an elementary communication tool for many companies worldwide. But why?

Social media is an ideal communication tool because…

  • Every day millions of people in Germany spend time on social media, get inspired and inform themselves
  • Social media is nowadays used more than 97% on mobile devices and can thus be accessed at any time
  • You can enter into direct exchange with customers
  • Can act and react quickly and in a targeted manner
  • Can market its products in a very targeted manner via its own websites or through influencers
  • A closeness and authenticity between customers and company is built up.

 Customer communication in social media can be used specifically for…

  • Opinion surveys
  • Reaction to feedback
  • Building a community
  • Supporting a positive image
  • Promotion of own products
  • Dissemination of information

B2B and B2C: What are the differences in customer communication in social media?

Every company has to find its own way of communication strategy, because the identity and culture of every company and therefore also of its customers is different. Basically, however, based on the orientation, you can identify some characteristics of how customer communication in the B2B segment differs from the B2C segment.

LinkedIn, Xing
Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok
Rather formal "you"
Tends to be communicative "you”
 Company presentation, case studies, sales
 Building community, responding to feedback, opinion polls
 End device of the user
 Mainly desktop
Almost exclusively mobile

Social media guideline for successful B2C customer communication in social media

Customer communication tip #1: Regularity

Communicate regularly and reliably with your customers in social media. The customer will thank you with loyalty. Irregular postings, on the other hand, show a lack of interest, unplannedness and suggest that communication with customers is not that important,

Customer communication tip #2: Speed

Respond quickly to feedback, whether it’s positive or constructive. The world on the Internet is such a fast-paced place that a lack of response or a delayed response definitely stands out and, in the worst case scenario, can cause greater damage. Therefore, ideally, respond and react within 24 hours.

Customer communication tip #3: Consistency

Always act within the framework of the uniformly defined corporate identity or corporate communication and keep your composure, even if the comment is not appropriate in your opinion. Even if you have multiple employees handling your customer communications on social media, make sure it feels the same for every customer to communicate with you.

Customer communication tip #4: Build community

A medium to long-term project is to build a community that regularly communicates with you or is reached by you on a variety of channels. This builds a strong foundation for your business or product. A great example of this is the Nike Run Club.

Customer communication of the "Nike Run Club" on Facebook

Customer communication of the “Nike Run Club” on Facebook

Customer communication tip #5: Be careful with public discussions

Show tact when it comes to public discussions, because these can quickly get heated and out of hand in the very anonymous world of social media channels. Here, it is best to resort to personal exchange by offering the user a personal conversation.

Customer communication tip #6: Choose the right channels

Choose the right channels for your company for your customer communication in social media. The characteristics of the channel should fit your business and your customers. If you bend and the communication doesn’t seem genuine, it can be counterproductive. For reasons of time, it is better to use one channel less, but with 100% focus.

7 tips for successful customer communication in social media
Are you looking for the right platform for your target group?
Find out which audience you can reach with which social media platform.

Customer communication tip #7: Deploy employees / create teams

It is a fallacy that you can do social media on the side. Therefore, depending on the scope, assign an employee or a team for customer communication in social media. The investment will be worth it.

Customer communication is essential for business success

Fast and authentic customer communication in social media is not just a trend. It’s essential to your business success, whether you’re in B2B or B2C. A well-crafted communication strategy will help you leave a lasting professional impression on your customers. With some focus and creativity, you are sure to generate positive effects for your business.