LocalUp Field

The time-saving self-service app for marketing teams and anyone who wants to run local and scalable Facebook & Google campaigns for their locations independently.

Imagine, you only need one portal to plan, book and evaluate all your Facebook, Instagram & Google Display Ads
Imagine being able to create regional, local and seasonal online campaigns per location in no time at all and always receive daily, detailed reporting of the most important KPIs
Imagine being able to react quickly and agilely to special events at any time and create very effective and performance-oriented online ads for all your sales locations without any technical knowledge
A self-service app for marketing teams - designed to make your job easier
Do you want to support your local retailers in their marketing activities while at the same time playing out high-quality and consistent campaigns? Then LocalUp Field is the optimal product for you!
Tired of wild colour creations? With LocalUp Field you can individually determine which creatives, landing pages and texts are displayed - and thus maintain your CI in campaigns at all times and still specifically promote your local partner.
Different offers in the shops or regional special offers? Here the marketing team can simply select which product or promotion is to be advertised where, and that with just five clicks
No technical requirements necessary! Apart from a connection to the Facebook Ad Account, there are no technical requirements - and if questions do arise, our technical support will help you quickly!

Practical example LocalUp Field
Company Y is a grocery retailer operating nationwide under various brands, who wants to book targeted and agile online marketing tailored to regional needs. However, this should not strain the working hours of the employees and should give a quick insight into the various reports. Together with LocalUp, the company is defining the goals of the advertisements and the general conditions so that the marketing team can carry out all their online marketing activities with LocalUp Field in the future:
First the company compiles a data feed of the more than 1200 different locations including address data, name of the branch, logo, opening hours, etc. and transmits it to LocalUp.
Next, the LocalUp team sets up the campaign setup based on the company's wishes and specifications and receives access to the various company pages for Facebook and Google Ads.
In the third step, the self-service app LocalUp Field is already ready to go and the company's marketing team receives detailed training to book all their local campaigns independently immediately afterwards.
The marketing team and LocalUp coordinate with each other in regular meetings to ensure trouble-free use at all times. In addition, LocalUp takes feedback to further develop and expand the functions.
This saves the marketing team valuable time, enables them to act quickly and regionally and keeps a constant overview of the performance of the campaigns.
The "all-in-one portal" solution for marketing teams who want to advertise large branch structures, react quickly and agilely at the dealer level and never lose track of the performance of their campaigns.

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