LocalUp Field

for groups and everyone who wants to make it easier for their dealers to create campaigns

Imagine if your sites were able to advertise locally at the same level as you advertise centrally for your brand
With location reference, local inventory, self-selected durations, budgets and products, within the radius of the location
No technical knowledge of Facebook and Google, just a few clicks in the LocalUp Self-Service Interface
A self-service interface for your retailers - assembled according to your specifications
Would you like to simplify marketing for your retailers and at the same time play out high-quality and consistent looking campaigns? Then LocalUp Field is the optimal product for you!
Tired of wild colour creations? LocalUp Field lets you customize which backgrounds, colors and product variations are displayed - so you can maintain your CI even in campaigns created by your retailers.
Different offers in the shops? Here your retailer can simply choose which product he wants to advertise, in which variation, colour etc.
No technical understanding among your retailers? Apart from a connection to the Facebook Business Manager, your retailer does not need any technical knowledge - with 5 clicks he can create his own campaign according to your specifications!

Case Study LocalUp Field
Company Y is a globally operating automotive group that wants to make marketing easier for its dealers in Germany - with a high-quality campaign in corporate design. Together with LocalUp, the company provides the dealers with a self-service interface where they can put together their own campaign with just five clicks:
First, the retailer selects the car to be featured in his ad, where the retailer can choose not only between different models but also between different colors.
Next, the retailer can choose between different backgrounds, which are previously determined by the company.
In the third step, the retailer can select a variant of the predefined headlines and stickers, the font color is automatically adjusted to the background to guarantee good legibility.
Next, the dealer chooses his start and end date. The company can choose whether the dates are flexible or rigid and the duration is fixed or variable. A budget is also defined in this step (the company can also define the budget).
Finally, a connection to the Facebook Business Manager of the respective merchant must be established - then the software can run the campaign fully automated according to the defined parameters.

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