Google CSS Partner LocalUp 2019

LocalUp's best-in-class Technology enables E-Commerce companies, agencies and local dealers with best performing CSS campaigns on Google Shopping. We work as independant entity to save costs and utilize competetive advantages.

On January 31st the rules for CSS Partners are changing significantly. More than 100 Merchant-Centers and at least 50 shops per active country are needed to stay within the program. Trust into LocalUp's broad service and proven expertise as CSS partner to plan your CSS campaigns in 2019.

Our CSS Portfolio

  • More than 170 active Merchant-Centers
  • Manging more than 10.000.000 Products
  • Support for every european country including switzerland
  • Up to a 20% advantage in Shopping Auctions
  • Professional and hassle free move to CSS
  • Merchant Center Operations through Feed and API
  • (optional) Flexible Feedengine
  • (optional) High-End Google Shopping Bid Management

We charge a handling fee of 0,6% of your Google Ad-Spend - with a minimum fee of 600 € per month.

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