What is Google My Business? 


Google My Business – is a free platform from Google with which you can influence the presentation of your business in their search results. For example, it offers the possibility to highlight businesses in search results and on Google Maps. So when a user googles your company or store, he gets a kind of overview platform (dashboard) on his screen and can access the various services from there. You can add different information about your location that will appear on the dashboard. 


For example, you can:


  • Add a short description about your company 
  • Upload pictures of the store or office
  • Add a phone number for direct calls
  • Display opening hours
  • Add a link to your website 
  • Add address data for optimization for Google Maps



Why is Google My Business necessary for your business? 


Considering that more than every second request on Google is a “near me” search , actually everyone with a good Google My Business profile benefits and it also has no real disadvantages. Plus, it’s free and it doesn’t take much time to set up either. 


Here is a small list of benefits: 



Customers are more likely to find your website 


If you have Google My Business listings and connect them to your website, your business will be found easier in Google search. Google will rank your website better, if you have  completed your Google My Business listing as good as possible. It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be at the top, as approximately 82% of Google users click on the first three search results. In addition, your business will also be highlighted on Google Maps.



Customers can easily recommend their business to others 


User reviews are getting more and more important for a purchase decision. Customers can recommend your company with very little effort. This helps your business build up on more loyal customers who are more likely to come back than others. According to a study, 4.9 out of 5 stars are optimal. 



How do I get customers to rate my business? 


For example, you can remind customers to rate your business. Point out to customers that they can quickly and easily write a review on their phone or computer. A positive experience with your company naturally increases the likelihood that the customer will leave a review. 



Quick information retrieval and better quality of the offer 


When users Google your website and see the directions, phone number, etc. straight away, it is much more convenient for him than if he has to search laboriously on your website. In addition, you can be led directly to your store by Google Maps with the route function. This is of course also very positive for Google.




How to get a Google My Business account 


Often Google automatically creates GMB- entries for your company. However, these are unmaintained entries and could even contain incorrect information. In this case, you can apply for ownership through Google My Business. If Google has not yet automatically created entries for your business, you can request a verification code. This will then be determined via Google Verify My Business. If your application is accepted, you will have full access to your Google My Business profile. 



Conclusion about Google My Business 


Google is by far the number 1 search engine in the world. Every Google user who searches for a company sees the My Businesses info at a glance, as long as it is available, of course. Free of charge and with little effort, you have a positive impact on users and your business presentation. So why not take advantage of this potential. The potential client will be thankful for that service.


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