The spendmatch incentive was stopped on 31st of December 2018. There are no planned incentives anymore as of now. However, you can still take advantage of up to 20% bidding-price-benefits in Google Shopping auctions. Check out our current CSS offer.


Spendmatch History


In recent weeks, news, offers and rumours about Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) have literally taken over. Today we have among other things news about how long the SpendMatch program for CSS will be available — and which changes will result for your shopping campaigns via CSS from November 1, 2018.


From 1 November 2018 there will be the following changes to the CSS SpendMatch program:

  • The SpendMatch will only be paid for one calendar month (before: 30 days).
  • If you donate at least $10 Ad, Google will credit you with 5% of the Google Ads cost, regardless of whether you are an existing customer or a new customer in shopping (previously: up to 30%).
  • The maximum spend match credit is capped at $100,000 (previously: $32,000).
  • The credit cannot be offset against the current invoice or paid out, but will be spent in the following months as Google Ads budget.
  • The SpendMatch program is still limited to one CSS.
  • The SpendMatch program ends on 31.12.2018 (Google reserves the right to stop it earlier).


Example: Merchant X spends $2,000,000 in shopping via CSS in November. He receives the maximum credit of $100,000 (5%) that can be reinvested in the month of December and, if applicable, in the following months.


This means that in October you still have the opportunity to receive larger credits than in November with possibly smaller budgets.




Contact us — we help you as an independent technology company to move quickly and professionally to the CSS program and use the SpendMatch. We already support merchant centers of over 60 dealers and agencies.

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