To optimize the online presence of small and medium-sized enterprises, Google has now rolled out its free analysis tool in Germany. “Grow My Store” checks the usability of the online shop and provides suggestions for improvement. This gives merchants the chance to create a competitive website without high expenses.


What “Grow My Store” can do


In the course of digitisation, smaller companies often find it difficult to hold their own against their larger competitors. Therefore, it is important to gain an advantage in the market with local marketing. With the tool, Google now makes it possible to have the website thoroughly checked with a status check and compared with benchmarks. Using various software metrics, “Grow My Store” generates a performance report and shows optimization options. Eight main categories are examined, such as the business information provided online, smooth shopping and customer service.



After entering the URL on the “Think With Google” website, the retailer receives an initial report within seconds. If requested, and the e-mail address is provided, the retailer will receive a detailed report with optimization suggestions. “Grow My Store” takes into account internal Google information regarding customer experience and customer expectations.


“Grow My Store” user manual:


  1. Enter your own website URL on the “Think With Google” page
  2. Selection of sales channels (online/offline)
  3. Receipt of an abridged analysis with notes
  4. Receipt of a detailed report by e-mail (if the e-mail address is given)


Google also provides useful tips for improving the cross-channel customer experience. As an online store owner, you should pay special attention to these points:

  • Clear pricing, easy navigation and filtering options
  • Directions to your store on the website
  • Cross-device user experience
  • Good service across all channels
  • Fast and free shipping
  • Simple return conditions
  • Website optimized for mobile devices


A well maintained online presence is mandatory


With well over 100,000 online shops in Germany, it is not easy for the smaller online shops in particular to hold their own against the competition. That’s why a user-friendly online shop, both as a desktop version and on mobile devices, is more important than ever. According to current statistics, more people worldwide use their smartphone (52 percent) than their desktop (44 percent) to surf the Internet, and the trend is rising. If your online shop is not optimized for mobile devices, the user experience suffers and the probability increases that visitors will switch to the site of a competing online shop.


Optimize your online shop with “Grow My Store” and place ads near you


If your online shop is then up to date, your website should also be found by the appropriate target group. In order to increase traffic and generate leads, it is recommended to address potential and existing customers with advertisements. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses and stores it is advisable to focus on the local audience and to advertise via Google and social networks.


If you would like to promote your location with little effort through personalized and local ads, we look forward to hearing from you and to working with you successfully.


All screenshots from Google

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