How to make your business successful on Instagram
Désirée Aucello
March 11, 2021

Especially now in the current times, it is super important to be present on relevant social media channels. With allday life at a standstill for months and people no longer hitting the streets, businesses need to find other ways to continue to stay in people’s minds and not be forgotten. This is where the social media platform Instagram comes into play. It is meant to be visually appealing and thrives on users’ photos and videos, so aesthetic images are very important. 90 percent of users are under the age of 35. So if you want to be seen by a young target group, you should make a name for yourself on Instagram. Below, we’ve compiled seven tips on how to optimize your company’s visibility. 


#1 Storytelling

Use the story feature and show personality! This makes you look authentic and users feel like they are closer to the action. You can let viewers be a part of everything; share personal thoughts, do behind-the-scenes, give tips on certain topics, start polls, share posts and stories from other users and so on. Crucial to a successful profile is trust. Building trust is key and is achieved through an authentic appearance and regularity. Users want to see personality, because then they can identify with the profile, which in turn arouses sympathy for the company. The story feature allows you to do just that, use it to your advantage!


#2 Long captions

If you know the Instagram algorithm, you will realize that published posts rank higher the longer users stay there. You can actively influence this by writing longer captions that will catch the user.


#3 Videos and slideshows

Videos and slideshows also increase dwell time and therefore usually rank higher. Moreover, viewers tend to prefer videos, which automatically leads to a wider reach and for more engagement. So think creative and consider appropriate content for your business!


#4 More interaction

The more interactions, the higher the ranking. Generate more engagement by using call-to-actions. These can be opinion questions, polls, puzzles, sweepstakes or other cool interactions, be creative! 

Good to know: comments rank higher than likes! 


#5 Timing of publication

The timing of when you publish your new post is also crucial to whether your post gets a wide reach. Therefore, find out the most important times when your followers are most often online. You can easily see this in your profile under the Insights.


#6 Optimize posts

Post exceptional images that people do not get to see every day anyway. That’s because it catches the eye, increases user interest and stays in their memory longer. Also, you can increase your reach by using the right hashtags. So find out which hashtags are popular with your viewers!


#7 Networking

Team up with other companies that fit your business philosophy and cater to a similar audience. For example, you can host an Instagram livestream in cooperation or start joint actions in the story, conduct interviews and so on. This will make the users of the cooperation company aware of you and take a look at your profile, which at best will lead to new followers.


And now good luck with the implementation! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form.


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