Hyperlocal marketing gives companies the opportunity to address their ads to a specific target group at a specific location at a precise time and to promote their products or services. Another important factor that goes into hyperlocal marketing is the customer journey. The Customer Journey reflects the decision-making phase the potential customer is currently in and is divided into five stations with numerous touch points.




Hyperlocal marketing is therefore made up of the interaction of many components and is currently more relevant than ever. Thanks to the optimized algorithms of Google and Facebook, a search query shows users the companies with a local reference that are open and have the best reviews. Other influences can also play a role: For example, it is possible to display a different advertisement in rain than in sunny weather.


How does hyperlocal marketing work and which companies should invest in hyperlocal marketing?


In principle, hyperlocal marketing is relevant for all companies and especially for companies with a local sales organization, for example, retail stores, branches or consulting centers. With hyperlocal marketing, each project can be promoted individually and independently at all these locations with promotional material personalized to the store.


Example of the campaign for Coca Cola’s Fuze Tea, with personalized store and image


And this is how the hyperlocal process works: The store data of the different locations are processed in the form of geo-coordinates. From this data, clusters are formed and stores that are close together are combined so that they do not compete with each other. Then the area covered by the individual clusters is determined and the budget is automatically divided optimally among the clusters.


The data obtained is entered in real time into the data warehouse of our in-house developed software. This makes it possible to bypass almost all Facebook restrictions by using Hyperlocal Bidding.


In this way, projects that would not be feasible under conventional circumstances can be realized.


Our software takes over the complete control of Facebook and Instagram and adapts the amount of the advertising budget and the size of the clusters sensibly. This technology saves companies a lot of effort. Furthermore, our automated image engine makes it possible to generate thousands of individualized ad images within seconds – something that would probably take several weeks for several employees of a marketing department. For personalized image texts, our typographic engine is used to format the texts and their contents as desired, as well as to add store names and addresses.


LocalUp offers the dealer interface to create personalized, location based campaigns easily and without problems in a few steps. With us you will find the right service for every size of company and for all needs. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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