The social network Facebook has announced that the presence of stationary shops on the platform is to be further strengthened. In particular, this involves redesigning the Facebook pages and generally optimizing the user experience in relation to local companies.


The Zuckerberg Group has selected a total of six targets to make interaction with its users even more pleasant for local companies:


1. Recommendations Instead of Reviews:


The most effective brand ambassadors are satisfied customers. People attach great importance to recommendations from friends and family. Especially when exploring new locations for shopping and going out or when using services. Facebook therefore encourages its users to leave recommendations on the Facebook pages of local merchants and makes this content more prominent for other users. The concept is based on previous Reviews, which have long enabled users to leave reviews in the form of one to five stars and optional text on companies’ Facebook pages. For the new Recommendations feature, however, text, photos and tags are available.


2. Buttons for More Action:


Facebook now offers companies the ability to customize the buttons under the title image of a page. These action buttons should provide for more interaction between site operator and user. Depending on the business, users can book appointments directly with the hairdresser, order something to eat, send messages to the company or, as already mentioned, leave Recommendations. Each company can choose which button is relevant for its business and integrate it on its own Facebook page.


3. Better Visibility for Stories:


Instagram’s Stories format enables companies to give their Facebook fans and potential customers immediate insight into their business on the page. Page Stories are a great way to show existing and prospective customers what the company’s unique selling points are. To generate more interaction, the stories can now also be viewed by clicking on the profile picture of the page.


4. Prominent Presentation of Business Information:


Information such as opening hours, price ranges, Recommendations or restaurant menus are now listed at an exposed location on the Facebook page. Interested users no longer have to click through the complex menu structure to access the desired information and can thus quickly grasp what the companies in their environment have to offer.


5. New Features for Events:


Facebook makes it easier for site owners to push their events. New integrations make it more convenient to sell tickets. Companies also have the opportunity to advertise their events in order to improve ticket sales and increase visitor numbers.


6. Expansion of The Jobs Division:


It will soon be easier for local companies to recruit new staff. Facebook has announced that there will be some changes in the job category in the next few months. What exactly these look like is not yet known.


More than 80 million companies already have their own Facebook pages and can look forward to the innovations. You too? Take advantage of the potential of Facebook and request a free demo of LocalUp now.

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