7 Instagram features you should know about for your business

7 Instagram features you should know about for your business

Julia Gehre
Julia Gehre
published on February 10, 2022   

Instagram features – The most important in a nutshell

  • It’s easy to spice up the font of your Instagram biography.

  • With Instagram Guides, you can display thematically related posts like a kind of blog.

  • Links are clickable for users in full-screen mode of Instagram videos.

  • You can display reels not only in the Reels tab, but also in the Instagram feed.

  • Highlights on your Instagram profile make your Stories more visible for longer.

Instagram has been one of the leading social media channels for years. With over 500 million active users per day, Instagram attracts young as well as old people from all over the world. But it’s not just individuals who are on Instagram – many businesses are also represented with a business profile. But how can you make your company stand out from the crowd? We took a closer look at Instagram and present helpful Instagram functions that you should definitely try out.

Instagram features for your feed – the flagship of your business

The Instagram feed is one of the most meaningful features of your business profile. You can individualize your profile with various Instagram features, for example, by customizing the profile picture, the bio or the feed itself. Below, we’ll give you an overview of the most important Instagram features you can use to enhance your business profile.

Instagram feature #1: Spice up your biography with fonts

Anyone who presses on the name of your Instagram account will first and foremost be confronted with the profile picture as well as the biography. Thus, the biography should be appealing to the user, after all, the user is also a potential customer. The fact that you can also use emojis to spice up the profile description should be obvious to everyone – since they have a permanent place in the common keyboards of your smartphone anyway. You can create eye-catchers with emojis, but there’s another way to do it: you can also customize the font quite easily with the help of various tools. There are plenty of free online tools or apps available for this. You just have to choose one.

Instagram bio from LocalUp profile.

Instagram bio from LocalUp profile.

Let’s take the Lingojam site as an example. Here you can choose between different Instagram fonts, thick, italic or even strikethrough fonts are just a few examples here. In addition, you have the option to create your very own font.

  1. Simply type the prescribed bio text into the empty text block.
  2. You will get suggestions for different fonts.
  3. Here you choose your favorite and copy the desired font.
  4. Now just paste the text into the Instagram bio on your profile.
  5. TADA! The bio now looks more interesting and eye-catching to the eye.

By the way: You can also use the same trick for the image description of your posts and make important info stand out from the rest of the text, for example.

Instagram feature #2: Remove tagging in unwanted posts

In addition to the typical Instagram tabs like the feed and video tab, there is always the “Photos and Videos of You” tab on the far right. This is where the images that other users have posted and tagged your business profile in appear. If there’s ever an image here that doesn’t match their company preferences, you can easily hide it or even remove the tag completely.

This is how you remove posts in your profile in which you have been tagged:

  1. Open the flagged post.
  2. Tap the three dots at the top.
  3. Select “Tagging options.”
  4. Here you can click “Hide in my profile!” or “Remove me from the post”.

To completely turn off the tagging option for your Instagram profile:

  1. Click on “Settings”.
  2. Under “Privacy”, select “Posts”.
  3. Under “Who can tag me”, you can choose whether they can tag anyone, only followers, or no one.
  4. Under “Manually approve tags”, you can also check tags in posts individually.

Instagram feature #3: Use Instagram Guides as a blog

Instagram Guides are still a fairly unknown feature on Instagram, but one that holds a lot of potential. Under Guides you can imagine collections of Instagram posts that are presented as a kind of blog. So if you want to boost your Instagram profile a bit, you should use this feature for yourself. Instagram Guides offer you the advantage of collecting all your posts in one place that belong together thematically. This way, old posts don’t get lost in the feed and can be categorized.

Instagram Guides from LocalUp

Instagram Guides from LocalUp

There are three different types of guides: for products, for places and for content. Depending on your company and goal, you can use your favorites for this. The following applies to all of them: They don’t have to be your own content or products, but can also come from other Instagram professionals. An Instagram guide consists of a cover image, an intro text and as many posts as you like. Each post has its own headline and the option for a description text. However, it is not possible to add more images. i.e. you can only select content that has already been published. In addition, the Instagram guides can only be created mobile. A detailed guide to creating Instagram guides can be found at Allfacebook.

Instagram feature #4: Links work!

LINK IN BIO! Pretty much every business profile has used this phrase in an Instagram post, haven’t they? Yet only a small percentage of readers actually click on the link in the biography – because scrolling further in the feed is easier than the cumbersome way of getting to the link you’re looking for with many clicks through the profile. But there is a little trick here that allows you to click links directly. Yes you heard right, however currently this only works in full screen mode of Instagram videos. And still, this is a clear upgrade, compared to before!

Clickable link in a video post from LocalUp

Clickable link in a video post from LocalUp

So take this chance to upload more videos! Another benefit comes from this for the success of your Instagram profile: Because posting more video content boosts interaction on Instagram.

7 Instagram features you should know about for your business
Learn more about how to become successful on Instagram by reading our blog post on this topic.

Instagram feature #5: Display reels in the feed

Instagram Reels are probably already known to everyone: The short videos in portrait format have also become popular on Instagram, especially after the TikTok hype. If you haven’t created a reel for your business yet, now is the time to give it a try. Because you can not only view your reels in the designated tab, but also display them in your Instagram feed. All you have to do is activate the “Also share in feed” button when uploading. This gives you an increased opportunity to target users.

Tip: Make sure that the preview fits both the feed and the reels tab. It is advisable to upload your own cover image especially for the feed.

Instagram Story: Let your creativity run wild!

A short video that is activated for 24 hours, reaches many users and testifies to individuality and authenticity – we are talking about an Instagram Story. Use it to report on the everyday life of your company – without having to make a post in the feed. Because it is a good way of communicating with your followers and customers, which you should definitely use as a company!

Instagram feature #6: Use link stickers for your story

Link Stickers were released to every Instagram user at the end of 2021. A Link Sticker is a clickable element that can be placed in a Story. Through these link stickers, you can add custom links, such as your career page or specific product pages of your company.

How can I use link stickers in an Instagram Story?

  1. Create an Instagram Story by selecting either an image or video.
  2. Now click on the item with laughing emoji at the top of the bar. A pop-up will open where you can select different elements.
  3. Tap on the link sticker and add a suitable link.
  4. Now you can personalize the sticker text and give the link a title.
  5. Done! You can still click the link sticker to change the color or move it.
Create Link Sticker for Instagram Story

Create Link Sticker for Instagram Story

Instagram feature #7: Extend the life of your Stories with Highlights

Since Instagram Stories are only visible for 24 hours, your content is no longer visible after that. Was all that work for nothing now? No, we can reassure you – because there is an Instagram feature that makes Stories visible longer. The so-called “Story Highlights”. These are the round icons just below the bio of your Instagram profile.

Instagram Story Highlights von LocalUp

Instagram Story Highlights von LocalUp

If you don’t have any Story Highlights saved in your profile yet, you can easily add them afterwards. You can do this even if the Story is already no longer visible to users, because it is cached by Instagram. Click on the plus sign in your profile, then on “Story Highlights” and select the appropriate ones from your saved Stories. You can create multiple Story Highlights and categorize them accordingly. For example, as a company, you can create the category “Our Products” and choose Stories that showcase their products. After you have named the highlight, you can choose a cover for the highlight above the name at “Edit cover image”. For this, you should use an icon that stands for the respective category.

Try out the appropriate Instagram features for your business!

Whether in the feed or the story: Instagram offers many possibilities to give free rein to your creativity and individuality in the design of your social media presence. As a company, use the various features and find the ones that are most relevant for you and your company’s goal. Produce unique content with it to stand out from the crowd and that you would be a fan of as well. And last but not least, just try it out and test what resonates best with your followers.