Instagram Marketing: How to use Instagram successfully!

Instagram Marketing: How to use Instagram successfully!

Ann-Kathrin Habl
Ann-Kathrin Habl
published on February 1, 2023   

Instagram Marketing – The most important in a nutshell

  • Instagram marketing refers to all communicative as well as promotional measures that take place on Instagram.

  • Organic posts (e.g. pictures, videos, stories) and paid ads (Instagram Ads) can increase the reach of your posts.

  • Instagram Shopping allows businesses to sell products directly through the app.

  • Influencer collaborations, bio optimization, and hashtags help attract new followers.

Instagram is one of the most widely used and popular social networks, with 1.27 billion monthly active users worldwide. The free photo and video sharing app is becoming a significant platform for more and more businesses to generate reach and awareness. Find out what Instagram marketing is, what opportunities the platform offers for businesses and how you can gain more followers in this post.

What is Instagram Marketing? - Definition

The term Instagram marketing includes all advertising and communication measures that are carried out on Instagram. The goal here is to achieve the company’s marketing goals on the platform. The marketing goals include, for example, increasing brand awareness and building relevant reach in order to maximize the company’s sales.

Prerequisite for Instagram marketing

Before you can start with Instagram marketing measures, an Instagram business account must first be created. A business account offers you some features that you can’t access with private Instagram accounts, such as Instagram statistics and insights. However, it is possible to convert an existing profile into an Instagram Business account. You can learn what an Instagram Business account is and how to create one in another blog post.

Instagram Marketing: How to use Instagram successfully!
Learn how to create an Instagram business account and what useful insights it will provide you with.

Organic posts: what are the different types of posts on Instagram?

Your marketing goals can also be achieved without any cost at all. Organic reach can be built on Instagram through regular, engaging content that offers users added value. The following types of posts can be used:

different types of posts on Instagram

Different types of posts on Instagram

  • Images:
    The most popular and widely used Instagram format is images. The uploaded images are displayed to users in the Instagram newsfeed and are permanently visible there.
  • Feed videos:
    Feed videos are video sequences in portrait format that can have a length of up to 60 minutes. These videos are displayed in the users’ newsfeed. Feed videos should be understood even without sound, since a majority of Instagram users listen to Instagram videos silently.
  • Reels:
    With Instagram Reels, short videos with a length of 15 seconds can be shared. Instagram Reels are particularly suitable for creating entertaining videos that can be edited with different effects and sounds.
  • Instagram Live:
    Instagram Live is a format that allows account owners to connect with their followers in real time. The format is mainly used for live Q&A or to stream events live.
  • Stories:
    With the Stories function, both videos and images can be shared. Similar to Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories are deleted again after 24 hours. So that they can be found afterwards, Instagram Stories can be saved in the Story Highlights below the bio. Instagram Stories are mainly used for behind-the-scenes insights or coverage of live events.

You shouldn’t focus on just one post type when creating content, but instead use a good mix of all of them. Learn which Instagram features you should know about to stand out from the crowd in another blog post.

Instagram Marketing: How to use Instagram successfully!
We’ll tell you which Instagram features you should know about for your business in another blog post.

Paid advertising on Instagram: What are Instagram Ads?

In addition to organic content posting, paid ads can also help build reach. These so-called Instagram Ads are paid for by companies and marked with the addition “Sponsored”. They are displayed to users next to organic posts in their feed or story. Advertisements on Instagram are therefore perceived by users as less annoying and conspicuous compared to typical ads.

With various targeting options, your audience can be precisely defined based on demographic data, location-based characteristics, and interests and behaviors. Instagram offers you as a business various ad formats that you can use to market your business. The cost of paid ads on Instagram depends on various factors, such as the company budget or the competition, and therefore cannot be determined across the board. You can find out how to run Instagram Ads in another blog post.

Instagram Marketing: How to use Instagram successfully!
You want to advertise on Instagram?
We’ll show you what options you have and how Instagram Ads work.

Instagram Shopping: Sell products directly via Instagram

Instagram offers you the opportunity to set up your own online store via the platform. This allows businesses to sell products directly through the Instagram app without redirecting users to an external website. This provides users with a user-friendly shopping experience and sets your business apart from others. This requires a business account and the latest app version. You can learn how to sell products via Instagram Shop in another blog post.

Instagram Marketing: How to use Instagram successfully!
You can learn how to sell your products with the Instagram Shopping feature in another blog post.

How to gain more Instagram followers? – 4 tips

Many businesses have the goal of building reach and reaching a high number of users. The following 5 tips can help you gain more followers on Instagram:

  1. Optimize your profile page

    A first step on the way to more followers is to have a unique username on your profile. If your target audience can’t find you, users won’t be able to follow you. You should also create a short and concise bio that includes the most important info about the company.

  2. Use hashtags

    Hashtags consist of a hashtag and one or more keywords strung together without spaces. They assign posts to certain topics and make them spread on Instagram. Hashtags can be used to increase the reach of posts and generate more interactions.

  3. Use influencer relationships

    One way to increase the number of followers is to collaborate with influencers. Influencers are paid by companies to promote products or services related to the company on their Instagram account. Doing so can reach a new audience and increase awareness of the company or product.

  4. Keep an eye on the competition

    Keeping an eye on the competition is also a good way to get more reach. Competitors’ subscribers provide a selection of users who have the potential to be interested in your product or business as well. Follow these people to get attention and attract new users.

Instagram Marketing: How to use Instagram successfully!
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Our article Successful on Instagram supports you with valuable tips.

How is success measured on Instagram?

An important aspect of Instagram marketing is constantly measuring success. As with other social media channels, it is important for companies to analyze certain key performance indicators (so-called KPIs) on Instagram. Important key figures on Instagram are, for example:

  • Reach (number of followers)
  • Follower growth rate (comparison of followers at different points in time)
  • Interactions (likes, comments)
  • Video Views (how often a video was viewed)
  • Story Views (how often a story was viewed)
Instagram Marketing: How to use Instagram successfully!
Learn more about the most important metrics in social media marketing and how you can measure these KPI.

Instagram marketing as an important success factor for companies

Due to the steadily increasing number of users on Instagram as well as the worldwide popularity of the platform, Instagram marketing has become increasingly important for companies. Via Instagram, users can get a comprehensive picture of the company and buy products directly on the platform. Instagram therefore serves not only as a communication channel for companies, but also as a sales channel. A well thought-out Instagram strategy is therefore important in order to stand out from the competition and be successful.