Local commerce today faces a major challenge: how to bridge the gap between online marketing and the point of sale? Even these days, many local retailers still rely on classic marketing such as print or TV advertising. The problem is that a lot of time goes by between seeing the ad and the actual buying process – time in which the consumer can make a different decision. In order to keep this period of time as short as possible, we now turn to another medium: social media.



The power of social media



In 2018, the average user spent 138 minutes per day on social networks – an incredibly large potential for advertising. 78% of all users can be influenced in their purchasing decisions by social media posts from vendors and retailers. This makes it all the more important for small retailers to be active in social media these days, because social media also holds enormous potential for small businesses.
One reason for the growing popularity of social media is the high ranking social media achieve in search engines. If you search for a company via a search engine, the probability that the Facebook page or Instagram channel is among the first 5 results is very high.
And one more thing strengthens the back of social media: they are often perceived as neutral. This is because the company can delete, modify or even write the reviews on its own website. On social media, on the other hand, reviews often seem even more credible, as rather negative reviews cannot be deleted. But how do you build a successful social media presence? Let’s start at the beginning:



Basic rules for dealing with social media



  1. Does your company have a Facebook page? If not, now is the right time to tackle it. Your Business Page is your mouthpiece to the outside world, where you can inform your fans about everything that is happening in your company.
  2. Don’t try to convince other users of your product under every post, but interact with them, like their posts, write comments – but always remain friendly and professional.
  3. Think about how you want to be perceived externally. If you want to be seen as a friendly, humorous company, then publish content that supports this view of you. Make the users laugh as well!
  4. Do not forget your fans. Interact with them, respond to customer reviews, be thankful for good reviews and stay professional in case of bad reviews. There is nothing worse than a company that reacts bitchy to negative feedback.
  5. Distinguish between your Facebook page and your advertisements. Your FB Page is entirely dedicated to communication with (potential) customers and puts you and your company in the right light. In contrast, your advertisements are not displayed directly on your Page and are intended for sale. But again, stay calm and friendly and don’t get pushy, this is more likely to frighten most prospective customers.



How do local companies manage to advertise successfully in social media?



Local online marketing meets all the requirements a local selling company has for a marketing concept – regardless of the size of the company. With this form of online marketing, the advertiser ensures that only users within a certain radius of his store see the ad – and thus the advertising budget is really only used for those users who are in the direct neighbourhood and can easily reach the store.
But local online marketing can do much more. For example, opening hours and the shop’s range of products can also be stored, so that the advertisements are only displayed when the store is open and even then only products that are in stock are advertised – a big advantage compared to classic marketing, where the prospective customer only finds out if his product is in stock when he gets to the store.
It is noticeable that local marketing, especially in Germany, is still neglected by many companies. Local advertisements are currently used by only 13 percent of companies. So there is a great potential here to stand out from the competition.


You see: local online marketing is not magic. With a little practice, you too can achieve the optimal online presence. And if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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