The effectiveness of local marketing for companies is often underestimated. For companies, this marketing instrument offers an extremely effective advertising opportunity to win new customers and strengthen brand awareness. But what should be considered when using local marketing?


To begin with, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can your current opening hours be viewed on the Internet?
  • Have you entered your correct location data?
  • Do you not only have social media sites for your company, but also interact with your customers there?
  • Do you run localized ads via Google or social media?


Yes? – Good! Then you are way ahead of your competitors!


No? – Then you should change that immediately!


The importance of local marketing is underestimated


Many German companies do not recognize the enormous potential that local marketing offers to reach their target group in a targeted manner.


According to a study by the DAC Group Germany, in which the online marketing of over 500 German companies with 180,000 branches was analysed, many companies are very negligent in maintaining their data on the Internet. Although opening hours and location data were almost always available, five percent, i.e. 9,000 stores, did not maintain their data correctly.


Only 13 percent of the respondents advertise with local ads and could show an intact evaluation management.


This is exactly where you should recognize your opportunity and react.


Local marketing influences the customers’ buying decision


97 percent of all customers use the Internet to find out about local services and products. As early as 2014, Google published a study that showed that it led 50 percent of customers who searched for local services and products to the store on the same day. For local search queries, 98 percent of Internet users choose a company that appears on the first page of search results. The best possible Internet presence is therefore essential for a company. Above all the ratings are decisive for a purchase decision or the use of a service, because two thirds of Germans compare the reviews on the net before making a purchase.


Of course you cannot influence the content of the review, but you can answer questions, politely thank for a positive review or react objectively to bad reviews.


Make sure that your data is up-to-date and uniformly accessible on Google and any social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and XING. This applies in particular to the company name, opening hours, address, telephone number and industry-specific data such as menus or price lists.


Keep your customers up to date via social networks. This doesn’t have to be done every day; don’t necessarily post insignificant articles, but focus on the essentials. Important for local marketing and a successful customer relationship are timely reactions to the actions of (potential) customers. These show that you care about their satisfaction. For internet users, platforms such as Facebook offer a quick and convenient way to get in touch with you. Therefore, this component of customer service should never be neglected.


Place local advertisements in social networks


In order to exploit the full potential of your Internet presence and stand out from the competition, regional advertisements are recommended. Especially in view of the fact that only one eighth of the competitors use this marketing method at all. With the help of Google AdWords and Facebook, it is possible to display ads that are only shown to users with a local connection to your company.


There are no disadvantages for you with location-based marketing, just a little extra time, which can be minimized through continuity.


Because once your accounts have been set up and your data entered online, all you have to do is communicate with your customers.


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