LocalUp becomes official Google Local Feed Partner (LFP)

LocalUp becomes official Google Local Feed Partner (LFP)

Andreas Kraus
Andreas Kraus
published at June 24, 2019   
updated at March 21, 2022

Since January 2019 LocalUp has qualified as an official Google Local Feed Partner (LFP). This makes us one of the first of a total of 2 LFP partners who have specialized in Europe and D-A-CH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).


Local Inventory Ads


By qualifying LocalUp as an inventory data provider, we have already successfully activated two companies, a group and a chain store, for Google’s Local Inventory Ads (LIA) in 2019. The advertising format, which specializes in local companies, continues on its successful course and enables a faster and easier start through the LFP program.


What are the advantages of working with an LFP partner?


The preparation, optimization and transfer of inventory data to Google usually involves medium to large IT challenges. An LFP Partner offers ready-to-use interfaces and processes to transfer scalable data to Google’s Merchant Center.

  • After an initial inventory check, no inventory verification of individual stores or affiliated retailers is necessary
  • With an LFP, you no longer need to perform an inventory review


The inventory data to be transferred is limited to:

  • Product ID
  • Stock
  • Price
  • GTIN (EAN)
  • Update time


In contrast to regular Google Shopping Ads, no product images or descriptive texts need to be transferred.


Example LIA campaign of a pilot retailer of the ANWR group:

LocalUp becomes official Google Local Feed Partner (LFP)


We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions about the Local Feed Partnership and how you can benefit from it.


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