My Social Media Trends 2021
Désirée Aucello
February 2, 2021

Currently we have a whole series of appointments with customers, in which the main question is how social media will develop in 2021 – in other words, what you should change and adapt and what you should expect. So as a small service, here are our top 5 tips / developments for you as well.


#1 Marketing remains digital and contactless

Over the past year, marketing has changed dramatically. Especially everything that previously took place at events or outdoors. I remember the sad posters Knorr had on the billboards last year for the relaunch of the brand in March. “Imagine booking billboards and no one sees them”. Meanwhile, brands are making intensive use of digital opportunities – even for things that happen in real life, such as restaurants. Sometimes even big brands help them – see Coca-Cola’s LOKALFREUN.DE initiative, which helps restaurateurs with online advertising. Whoever wants something like that… I know someone… 


#2 Remixing

The second big trend is remixing content. Sure, memes have been the hot shit on the internet for a while now. But it’s being taken to the extreme via new channels – the Instastory as LinkedIn story and Twitter fleet, ever so slightly modified. And on Tiktok or in Instagram Reels, people are mixing it up anyway. If you want to be part of this as a brand, you should deliver material that can be remixed in 2021 and not grumble when someone modifies your own clip. The sensitivities of the branding departments have to take a back seat. If you think a stove is too hot, you’d better stay out of the kitchen.


#3 People would love to go to events

Oh my God,.. Last weekend a complete hype developed from nothing. Clubhouse. A kind of Internet radio live discussion – and a kind of replacement for all the great conferences like DLD, re:publica and Internet World, which had to cancel in 2020. Since last weekend, everybody who has something important to tell has been cavorting on Clubhouse. Not only the usual digital experts, but also people like Sigmar Gabriel or Thomas Gottschalk. I’m curious to see whether the boom will continue. For brands, at least, it’s a sign: Content-rich discussions online have potential. Whether as a podcast, video, Instalive, etc. What are you about to do in this area in 2021?


#4 Facebook remains important

Boring, but still true. Facebook remains important. Not for the digital pioneers, but for the breadth. In addition, Facebook also includes Instagram and Whatsapp. And for us advertisers in particular, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Facebook looks after all these platforms together. The joint Facebook / Instagram Messenger is a good example of this. In this respect, the credo for this year is: don’t lose sight of it.


#5 Virtual showcase

Just as with conferences, shopping in real stores is another matter. On the other hand, the existing online offers – above all Amazon – are really great if you want to buy something quickly. But they are hardly a substitute for a shopping tour. In this regard, more thought should be given in 2021 to how to pick up the “strollers” online. Facebook stores and shoppable ads on Instagram are good examples here. 

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