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5 tips for a work-life balance for the pre-Christmas season
Advent should actually be the most contemplative time of the year, but every year - and especially in 2020 there is so much to do in a very short time that relaxation and cozy get-togethers are almost unthinkable. In addition to buying Christmas presents, organizing family visits, finding a nice Christmas tree, decorating the home, and the stress of work, this year there is added pressure from Lockdown and Corona. However, it doesn't have to be that way. We've put together five tips for you on how to prevent stress and implement a good work-life balance in the run-up to Christmas.
Caro Falsett
December 17, 2020
ROPO effect: Why more and more consumers inform themselves online but buy offline
Not so long ago, many stationary traders feared for their existence. With the increasing popularity of the World Wide Web, the fear that e-commerce will one day completely replace stationary trade and thus everyone who still sells locally is...
Caro Falsett
June 3, 2020
Local Commerce: how social media helps you with local online marketing
Local commerce today faces a major challenge: how to bridge the gap between online marketing and the point of sale? Even these days, many local retailers still rely on classic marketing...
Caro Falsett
May 11, 2020
Pinterest-DIY mothers and 12-year-old teen tick-tock users: The 10 biggest social media myths
Hardly anyone can get around social media networks these days, so it's not surprising that prejudices against individual platforms and their users are persistent. Facebook, for example, seems to be taken over by grannies and granddads...
Caro Falsett
April 16, 2020
Social Media Week 2020: The top 3 social media trends 2020
From 26 to 28 February, it was once again time for Social Media Week Hamburg 2020 to open its doors for the ninth time. The more than 200 speakers highlighted every topic that is currently of interest in the social media sector, cheering up the 3,000 participants. Following the motto "HUMAN.X"...
Caro Falsett
February 28, 2020
Snapchat or TikTok – how to reach Generation Z?
Many marketers today face a new challenge: how to reach the generation Z? Facebook offers the ideal basis for reaching Generation X (born 1960-1979) and the baby boomers (born before 1960) online. With Generation Y (1980-1996), things are getting trickier...
Caro Falsett
February 11, 2020
TikTok: overrated hype or promising advertising platform?
The app TikTok from China, launched in 2016, breaks all records: in less than three years, the app operated by the Chinese company ByteDance reached the 500 million active users mark - a mark that took Facebook over four years...
Caro Falsett
January 27, 2020
Hyperlocal marketing: What can LocalUp do that Facebook can’t?
Hyperlocal marketing gives companies the opportunity to address their ads to a specific target group at a specific location at a precise time and to promote their products or services. Another important factor...
Christoph Rüppel
December 20, 2019
“Grow My Store”: Google’s new analysis tool for online shops
To optimize the online presence of small and medium-sized enterprises, Google has now rolled out its free analysis tool in Germany. "Grow My Store" checks...
Andreas Kraus
November 12, 2019
Local marketing: How to gain an advantage over your competitors
The effectiveness of local marketing for companies is often underestimated. For companies, this marketing instrument offers an extremely effective advertising...
Andreas Kraus
October 17, 2019
Optimize Google Business entry and profit
What advantages does an optimized Google Business listing have for your local business? An entry in the Google Business Directory is practically a must...
Andreas Kraus
August 11, 2019
Local online marketing: 3 tips for more In Store Visits
Advertising opportunities in the regional environment are usually very classic: in the regional daily newspaper, in the local "leaflet", on billboards, on the radio...
Andreas Kraus
July 14, 2019
LocalUp becomes official Google Local Feed Partner (LFP)
Since January 2019 LocalUp has qualified as an official Google Local Feed Partner (LFP). This makes us one of the first of a total of 2 LFP partners...
Andreas Kraus
June 24, 2019
Google & Shopping CSS: How long is SpendMatch available?
UPDATE The spendmatch incentive was stopped on 31st of December 2018. There are no planned incentives anymore as of now. However, you can still take advantage...
Andreas Kraus
May 8, 2019
The 5 best tips to be found locally on Google using local SEO
Local SEO has only been around for a few years, as Google was simply overwhelmed with local search queries before. It can be described as a very important...
Andreas Kraus
March 16, 2019
Improved Presence: 6 Facebook Updates for Local Businesses
The social network Facebook has announced that the presence of stationary shops on the platform is to be further strengthened. In particular, this...
Andreas Kraus
February 12, 2019
Why Do Local Dealers Need a Facebook Page?
Creating a Facebook page is one thing, using editorial and advertising content on a long-term basis is quite another. Do you really think? Because of this stubborn myth...
Christoph Rüppel
January 8, 2019
Do Google Reviews impact my local rankings?
Reviews are an important part of your local presence on Google. Besides Google's own reviews, it also shows reviews from Facebook...
Andreas Kraus
December 17, 2018