Optimize Google Business entry and profit
Andreas Kraus
August 11, 2019

What advantages does an optimized Google Business listing have for your local business? An entry in the Google Business Directory is practically a must to be found online. With a market share of over 90% in Germany, Google is by far the most popular search engine. If someone wants to inform himself online about a product, a service or a restaurant, he will sooner or later start a Google search query. Local SEO via Google My Business is a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to benefit from this potential and generate more sales through increased in-store visits.


What is Google My Business?


Google My Business is a convenient way for local businesses to manage their information in one central location. Name, address, telephone number (NAP) or opening hours can be kept up-to-date. Once entered, they are made available for all Google services, such as search or maps. Google My Business also offers a number of options for interacting with potential customers. This is especially important with the following background: People who search locally are potential, but above all motivated customers.


Edit your entry on Google My Business


If your details change, or errors have crept in, you can of course change your Google business directory listing. To make sure your customers find it, it’s important that you keep your business information up to date.

  • Sign in to your Google My Business listing.
  • Click on About in the menu.
  • Select the section you want to view. If you want to remove a section, click the cross next to it.
  • Click on ‘Apply’.


Also, editorial summaries or keywords from the web cannot be edited. For more information, please consult the official Google Guide.


Questions and answers on your Google Business profile are your friend!


Often overlooked, but always interesting, especially from a customer perspective: Questions and Answers on the Google Business Profile. Maybe you know the situation yourself, you’re searching for a restaurant in a group and you have a specific question. Although the customer has the possibility to call the shop, this is usually an uncomfortable solution, especially for short and simple questions. “Questions and Answers” not only allow you to ask short and simple questions, but also to view questions already asked. This has two advantages for the entrepreneur:


  • The entrepreneur learns what customers are interested in and can optimize his business accordingly in the long run.
  • The entrepreneur gets the chance to answer questions in public and thus perhaps convince a customer to visit.


Questions should always be answered as quickly as possible. They usually come from motivated customers who are looking for exactly your company. The easiest way to be informed about questions is to use the Google Maps App. This supports, in contrast to Google My Business Dashboard, notifications also for questions and answers.



Present your products with Google My Business


Turn your Google Business Profile into a virtual showcase! In addition to questions and answers, Google Business also offers companies the option of publishing your local inventory for customers. The advantage is obvious: You save your potential customers a disappointing experience with your company if a specific product is currently not in stock. Furthermore, you can score points here compared to local competitors who do not use this feature. A customer will probably prefer to visit your store rather than rush into the unknown on a guess.


Use Google Posts for your local business


Another tool to interact directly with customers in your area are Google Posts. They allow you to post offers, new or popular articles, events or other announcements directly on your Google Company Profile, in Google Search and on Google Maps. This makes up-to-date information, such as discounts and promotions, directly available to users. You can also reach out to your customers directly with interesting videos and photos. Especially useful: Google Posts allows you to include call-to-action buttons.


Enhance your Google Business listing with photos


We all know the old saying and somehow there is some truth to it. Pictures from the surroundings of your shop give potential customers the opportunity to establish a connection to the company before they visit it. Images from the store itself also show your customers what to expect. Especially the visual impact of a local business should not be underestimated. In a survey conducted by YesMarketing, an average of 49% of participants said they would prefer to visit a store if it was visually appealing.


Respond to Google Reviews


Probably the most famous feature of Google My Business are reviews. Here customers can evaluate their experience with the business and, in the best case, make recommendations. A Havard Business study showed that ratings improve in the long term when entrepreneurs respond to reviews. Many businesses are afraid of negative reviews and often do not know how to react. However, a bad review should never make you lose sleep. It is an opportunity to improve your brand and service.

  1. Take a moment and try to re-evaluate the situation. The quickest way to lose customers is to react emotionally to criticism in an unthinking way.
  2. Respond publicly to the review. If your business is subject to public criticism, then you should of course respond publicly. This not only gives you the opportunity to put the situation into context, but also shows that you always have an open ear for concerns.
  3. Show understanding and offer a solution. The best excuses are worth little if no action follows. Signal publicly that you take the client’s concerns seriously and offer a way to contact the client to resolve the problem.


Naturally, it is easier for most people to respond to positive feedback, but there are also points that entrepreneurs should be aware of.

  1. Call the customer by name. For a friendly tone it is always a good idea to call the customer by name, if he is known.
  2. Show gratitude. Actually a matter of course, but nevertheless surprisingly often overlooked. In this way you demonstrate appreciation towards the customer and signal that his feedback is not a matter of course.
  3. Offer the customer added value. If you want to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews, then it should be worth it for the individual. Look at it this way: Your customer first took the time to write a positive review for you. Give something back! Depending on the business, it can be a hint for an upcoming event, or simply the offer to say a short hello to the customer on their next visit.


We wish you success in optimizing your GMB entry. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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