Pinterest – Potential or Blank?
Caro Falsett
August 25, 2021

Pinterest should be a household name for every marketer by now. The social platform, on which users can mark their favorites like on an online pinboard and compile and share them in personal pinboards, now has 454 million active users. With sales of more than $700 million in 2020, Pinterest can already be counted among the big players in social media networks, even if the figures do not yet reach Facebook and Instagram, of course. But what exactly makes Pinterest so successful?


Sustainable traffic


In contrast to Facebook, Instagram and the like, the content with the correctly tagged term is still displayed to the user months or even years later. So it may well be that a post that is three years old is still generating a lot of traffic on the website today, because it is suggested to the user on Pinterest again and again. But this also entails consequences: because pins that are not timeless perform comparatively poorly on Pinterest.

To bring numbers into play: An average pin is repinned by users about eleven times, i.e. pinned on its own pinboard. In addition, an average pin needs about 3.5 months to generate 50% of its traffic (for comparison: a tweet needs 24 minutes, a Facebook post 90 minutes) – pins on current topics such as politics, weather, etc. are almost guaranteed to perform worse than timeless pins. Which brings us to the next topic:


Timeless topics


As mentioned earlier, daily topics tend to perform poorly on Pinterest. But which themes are mainly found on the network? Due to the demographic distribution (to a large extent women, see point 3), typically female topics are on the rise. From fitness and yoga to handcrafts and recipes to sustainability and decoration, the topics are wide-ranging. Visually appealing photos are particularly important here, as they are the focus of the pinboards, while only comparatively little text per pin indicates the content. In addition, Pinterest now also allows publishers to publish videos, which opens up even more possibilities in the content area.


The focus on women – and the potential with men


Pinterest records 70% women among its users – no other major platform has as many women users. Pinterest also scores well in terms of age, because hardly any other network is represented across so many generations: 83% of US women aged 25-54 use Pinterest. This is a good opportunity for companies to target women and market their products. Therefore, topics such as beauty also perform incredibly well, but here – in contrast to Instagram – they manage completely without selfies and beauty filters. But topics such as self-employment for women, recipe tips and everything to do with family are also in high demand.

But one figure only highlights the Pinterest potential: 40% of new registrations are men, which corresponds to an annual growth rate of 70%. Already, 25% of American users are men: great potential for bold companies that want to be the first to conquer the Pinterest market for a male target group.


The income of the users


Yes, we are in marketing. And creating products for target groups that earn little money and thus can spend it is only worthwhile in certain cases. That’s exactly why Pinterest comes up trumps with a very liquid target group: 35 percent of users earn more than $75,000, and in terms of Millenials, it’s even 50 percent. So a well-earning target group can be addressed via Pinterest.


For which companies is Pinterest marketing worthwhile? 

Clearly: for any company that dares and whose products or services are well received by a young, high-earning target group. Not to be neglected here, however, are the social media basics: the company should – as with any social media channel – invest enough time in maintaining the channel and at the same time not neglect their own website, to which should be forwarded. With the right tagging and regular content, nothing stands in the way of a successful Pinterest presence.

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