The Beleke publishing group helps several tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises to be found better with business and telephone directories.With the support of the start-up LocalUp, the Essen-based publisher, part of the Ippen Group, is now bringing this opportunity to the digital world: SMEs can advertise on Facebook and Instagram – with technology that is also used by major brands such as Coca-Cola and Edeka.


“While large companies are grappling with data-driven campaigns or fancy customer loyalty programmes, thousands of small and medium-sized companies, self-employed and freelancers are just taking their first steps into the digital age,” comments Heide Dessel from the social media editorial department at Beleke. The reason: “Doctors, craftsmen, restaurateurs, lawyers and tax advisors simply lacking of time and know-how to familiarise themselves with the complex topic of digital marketing on top of their every-day work challenges”.


The media consultants at Beleke and its partner publishers Schmidt-Römhild, Wendler, IDAG and Hinnerwisch are important partners for many of these companies when it comes to their advertising presence. “For more than 50 years we have supported them with entries in telephone and business directories, and at some point websites and presences on Google, Facebook and the like,” comments Heiko Eyll, Head of Marketing at Beleke. What was missing, however, was the possibility of efficiently handling digital advertising for these customers. And this is the big challenge: “It is precisely that the companies with the smallest budgets also have the greatest scattering losses in their social media advertising – because they lack the appropriate knowledge, e.g. in ad design. Without professional support, these investments are therefore often not profitable.” LocalUp solves this problem: “Our media consultants plan campaigns together with the clients in the language they are used to from their previous marketing planning – LocalUp then takes care of the translation into the social media world.


Operationally, this cooperation is implemented at Beleke using a forecasting tool specially developed by the publishing house, with the help of which the media consultant and the client concrete needs. This data is then transferred to the start-up, where the LocalUp software converts it into concrete advertisements. “Our customers provide us with raw data and targets – and our software automatically creates the ad design and placement suggestions. Our algorithms take into account the experience gained from campaigns for brands such as Coca-Cola or Edeka.”, explains Jan Koch, responsible for business development at LocalUp. The clients of the publishing group advertise just as efficiently and with the same high quality as global corporations – without having to become social media marketing experts themselves.


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