Social media marketing: Successful on social networks

Social media marketing: Successful on social networks

published on May 4, 2022   

Social Media Marketing – The most important in a nutshell

  • Very few companies can afford to do without social media marketing these days.

  • There are countless social networks on which you can reach different target groups.

  • Social media marketing is also worthwhile for small businesses. Even with a small budget, you can place ads on social networks.

  • You should also keep an eye on data protection regulations when it comes to social media marketing.

Being present on social networks is almost standard nowadays. We explain what social media marketing actually is, why it is so important and how good social media marketing works!

What is Social Media Marketing? - Definition

Social media marketing is a subset of online marketing. In social media marketing, social networks are used in a targeted and market-oriented way to achieve company goals.

Why is social media marketing worthwhile? 10 reasons why you should also rely on social networks.

The list of benefits that social media marketing offers is long. Very few companies can afford to do without social media marketing these days. We have summarized the most important and exciting arguments for using social networks for you here:

1. Bringing more traffic to your website with social networks

The traffic that comes to your website via search engines and other sources is only low? On social networks you can also link to your own website again and again – and thus attract more visitors to the company website.

2. Strengthen brand awareness with social media

Social media marketing is a good tool for increasing your company’s brand awareness. We reveal how exactly you can improve brand awareness with the help of social networks.

Brand Awareness with Social Media: 9 Tips to Boost Your Brand Awareness

3. Improve image

On social networks you can present your company and thus also contribute to a positive corporate image.

4. Connect with customers via social networks

On social media, you are close to your customers and can communicate with them as well. If you show competence here and respond to individual customer needs, this will definitely help strengthen customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Social media marketing: Successful on social networks
Do you need a communication strategy?
We give you tips for successful customer communication in social media.

5. Social media marketing also possible with a small budget

Basically, there are two ways to post content on social networks: On the one hand, you can write free posts and thus distribute content via your profile. Second, you can also place ads on social media.

6. Generate sales & leads

With social media ads, you can directly promote your products & services.

7. Social networks as a recruiting tool

Are you lacking good applications? Are you looking for new employees? Social media marketing helps you here, too! And it’s not (just) about placing job ads on social networks. Social media is also great for boosting your image as a potential employer! Learn how you can use social media marketing to attract new employees.

Social Media Recruiting: Attracting new employees through social media

8. Run targeted ads

When you run ads on social media, you can target your audience very precisely and avoid wastage.

8. Remarketing opportunities

Want to target customers who visited your website but ultimately didn’t make a purchase? On social media, you can target exactly that audience.

10. Cooperation with influencers

Influencer marketing is so popular for a reason. Cooperation with influencers can help boost your sales and make your brand better known.

Social media platforms: Which are the most important?

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest & Co: there are countless social networks. But which platform is suitable for your social media marketing? Do companies always have to be present on all platforms and which target group do you actually reach where? We explain which social media platform you can use to reach which audience.

Snapchat or TikTok: How do you reach Generation Z?

Data protection in social media: Comply with data protection regulations

Data protection on the Internet: At the latest since the introduction of the DSGVO, data protection has become a major issue in online marketing. And of course, you should also keep an eye on data protection regulations in social media marketing.

Social media marketing: Successful on social networks
Learn what to look out for when it comes to social media marketing privacy for your own company in another blog post!

How does successful social media marketing work? – 5 tips

Make social media marketing successful. Lay the foundation for your success on social networks with our 5 tips:

  1. Always keep an eye on current social media trends

    Which of them might be relevant to your marketing activities? You certainly don’t have to follow every trend, but one or two of them could be relevant for you as well.

  2. Avoid typical social media marketing mistakes

    There are some (basic) mistakes you should definitely not commit to be successful in the long run.

  3. Don’t get confused by social media myths

    Facebook is dead or TikTok is only for 13-year-olds? You can’t say that as a blanket statement! We explain which rumors about social networks are true, and which are not.

  4. Develop a social media strategy

    Spreading content haphazardly on social networks is certainly not a good idea. It is important to think about your strategic approach.

  5. Measure success & define KPIs

    Define key performance indicators, evaluate them regularly and take appropriate action. Of course, a successful social media strategy also includes appropriate monitoring.

Social media marketing as an integral part of marketing activities

Social media marketing has long since ceased to be a “nice to have” and has become almost indispensable for many companies. Do you need support with the implementation? We help you & automate your hyperlocal social media and Google campaigns. Create personalized ads for all locations & regions easily and quickly automated with LocalUp!