Hardly anyone can get around social media networks these days, so it’s not surprising that prejudices against individual platforms and their users are persistent. Facebook, for example, seems to be taken over by grannies and granddads, while women on Instagram hold completely overpriced products into the camera. Hardly any platform can do without these prejudices, some of them refer more to the social media world in general – but which of them are really true?


1. “Without fans and followers nothing works in social media marketing.”

In itself, this statement does not sound wrong. Whether on Facebook or Instagram, followers are still an important indicator of the awareness of a brand. But a big problem has entered social networks in recent years: organic reach is no longer easily generated. Nowadays, it is hardly enough to provide beautiful photos with good text, as many users only see a small amount of this kind of content – logical from the point of view of the platforms, as they do not earn any money from organic content. From the point of view of small companies with a small budget, however, this can be a big obstacle to gain recognition, because this reach has to be bought in addition via advertising.


2. “Social media is only for young people.”

In Germany alone, 18 million people over 35 use platforms such as Facebook. The fact that social media platforms are thus a phenomenon of teenagers and young adults can be clearly disproven.


3. “Social media and B2B marketing do not work together.”

Business remains business and social media is not serious enough for business – is it? What many people forget in this statement is that business people are people too. Even the most successful people in the world have a Facebook or LinkedIn profile and scroll up and down in their feed.
What’s really true is that targeting social media can be more difficult for B2B companies. Anyone who still sells via print these days simply sends their catalogues to companies they have found via Google Maps. In social media, this is not quite so easy, but not impossible in the least: LinkedIn in particular offers good opportunities to address only managing directors or people with special job titles, for example. Accordingly, B2B marketing has now also arrived in the social media.


4. “Pinterest is only used by women who like to tinker”

Admittedly, with a male share of 30%, the Gentlemen are actually outnumbered. But that does not stop us from presenting the truly outstanding Pinterest statistics: For example, 98% of Pinterest users say they try things they find on Pinterest. 90% of customers check out their options on Pinterest before buying and 72% have already bought something they have discovered on Pinterest before. No other platform can match these figures, which is why marketers should not dismiss Pinterest.


5. “The Instagram Feed is dying.”

Since the introduction of Instagram Stories, they have been experiencing a popularity boost. Already today many users report that they almost exclusively watch the stories while the feed gets comparatively little attention.
It is true that nowadays more awareness can be generated with an Instagram Story than with an Instagram Feed Post. But at the same time, Instagram Stories are often skipped or clicked away if the content is not convincing within a second, whereas feed posts often generate more consistent awareness.


6. “TikTok? I don’t know it, I’m not a 12-year-old girl”

TikTok is probably the youngest of all the platforms mentioned here – and yet the fastest growing. Here, too, women are overrepresented, while only 41 percent are men. It’s true that TikTok mainly attracts young users, with 73 percent of users being younger than 35, which is only one percentage point more than Instagram users! With over 500 million users on TikTok, many companies make a sustainable investment in their own future when using TikTok as a marketing platform.


7. “Facebook’s time is up”

Yes, Facebook is now considered an old hand among social media networks and is even losing users slightly here in Germany. However, this is in no way representative of the worldwide status of Facebook, as the total number of Facebook users is still constantly increasing. In addition, companies that advertise on Facebook reach a very heterogeneous mass, as Facebook has now become established in all age groups. As the last point that speaks for Facebook as an advertising platform, we would not like to leave the incredibly broad range of marketing possibilities unmentioned.


8. “The customer journey doesn’t have to be taken into account in social media.”

Yes, it does! The Customer Journey describes a customer’s buying process, from the moment they become aware of the product, through research, to their status as a regular customer. And especially in the social media, the customer journey can be easily tracked, in some cases it is even possible to go through the entire customer journey in just one platform. To ignore this now would be grossly negligent.


9. “The success of a campaign in social media can only be measured by the number of likes and shares.”

As with any marketing campaign, you measure the success of a campaign by what you set out to achieve. If I have set myself the Reach as a goal beforehand, I should also only orientate myself towards it and then not put the click numbers or comments in comparison to previous campaigns. For each marketing object there are appropriate key figures that go far beyond likes and shares and can thus be collected as valuable comparable KPIs.


10. “The more platforms you use, the better positioned you are”

Almost every company has made this mistake: although neither the creative ideas nor the personnel were sufficient for a new network, the use of a new channel was ordered. But after only a short time the channel lay idle again, mostly because the numbers simply wouldn’t improve. So here’s our advice: rather use 2 platforms that fit your target group with good, high-quality content than 4 platforms that only graze the edges of your target group with content that has been created on the go. Concentrate on what you are good at and put all your energy into a platform whose users are happy about your content – and put the networks where your target group is only sparsely represented behind.



With these interesting facts about the social media world we thank you for your attention. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form!


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