AI controlled technology

"With artificial intelligence to 100,000 individual Ads completely without manual adjustments! ."

Automatic adaptation of templates, texts and images
Fully automatic budget adjustment depending on catchment area and reach
Automatic cluster formation to avoid budget cannibalization
Why LocalUp?
Hyperlocal campaigns: Automate your campaigns with us, such as local advertising, product launches or special offers
Individual advertising media: LocalUp individualizes the advertising media textually and graphically to adapt them to the respective location (New: also for video ads)
Scalable: From one to more than 100,000 locations - we manage your online ads across any number of individual locations

Whether Central, Custom or as integration - you always have these features included!
no technical understanding necessary: neither you nor your retailer need an IT diploma, because no further steps are necessary except a connection to the Facebook Business Manager
consistent design: all ads - regardless of whether they are created by you or your retailer, you can rely on a consistent design according to your company's specifications
Avoidance of budget cannibalization: through automated clustering, ads in a catchment area do not outbid each other and thus do not eat up most of the advertising budget
unlimited number of ports: You want to play ads whose appearance depends on the weather? Different ads depending on the preferences of the user who sees them? Our software has an unlimited number of ports to which any kind of database can be connected - unlimited possibilities for your campaigns!
Example scenarios

You are interested in our concept, but you still lack the idea of what exactly a hyperlocal online campaign could look like? On this page, we present three example scenarios that can be easily implemented with our software. If you have questions or are interested, please contact us here.


General details:


  • Each retailer has an average daily budget of 10 € to 16 € – the LocalUp system distributes the budget dynamically – depending on the location and the resulting potential reach. This means that a retailer located in a more rural area will receive less budget (with a larger radius automatically adjusted at the same time in order to generate a higher range), while a retailer in a more densely populated area will receive more budget in a possibly smaller radius. In this way, the potential reach is optimally exploited without having to accept a too high frequency, and the efficiency of the campaign is significantly increased. For this type of targeting, we recommend a minimum radius of two kilometres as a standard setting.
  • As a Creative, we recommend an emotional, static image with strong Call-To-Action (CTA) for the respective offer, in order to bring the added value for the user to the point. Both the creative and the copy can be played out automatically and individual elements can be individually adapted. The optimization goal is reach.
  • If there is not enough coverage available in certain areas due to targeting restrictions, the criteria are automatically optimized

Concept 1 in detail:


Via Facebook and Instagram we address users by using ads adapted to the merchant and played out in their local environment. The targeting is based on pixel data in order to reach users who have already been to the advertiser’s website and have thus signalled fundamental interest in the brand and individual products. Here we build the bridge to the PoS.
In addition, a lookalike audience is automatically formed from this Facebook custom audience, which contains statistical twins of the users from the custom audience.
The Creative contains current offers of the respective PoS or can respond to the footprint of the categories/ brands/products viewed in the shop. Example action text: “Now available in Herstallstraße at the special offer price of 29.90 €”.
User interest is put into context with the geographical location and regional offers are highlighted.


Concept 2 in detail:


Via Facebook and Instagram we address users by using ads adapted to the merchant and played out in their local environment.
There is a regional restriction on a dynamically defined radius.
The runtime is longer than with concept 1, as the radius is smaller and the users are not to be played with a high daily frequency. For this reason, the daily budget is also lower. However, with the same budget, fewer retailers can participate in the campaign than with concept 1.


Concept 3 in detail:


We exclude the fan target group in order to attract the exclusive attention of potential new customers.
Via Facebook and Instagram we address users by using ads adapted to the merchant and played out in their local environment. The targeting is based on interests.
Our recommendation for this concept is a standard setting of at least two kilometres, although this can be automatically adjusted upwards in structurally weak regions in order to have an even greater reach.
You want to advertise your product by means of a hyperlocal campaign and are still looking for a suitable strategy? Please contact us, together we will ensure the successful marketing of your product!

Possible uses of LocalUp

Use the LocalUp platform

LocalUp Central
Support your dealers and play out hyperlocal campaigns centrally - individually tailored to each dealer and his offer!
LocalUp Custom
Provide your merchants with a self-service interface where they can assemble entire campaigns according to your specifications and in a uniform design with just 5 clicks!
You offer marketing services yourself and would like to support your customers even more through hyperlocal online marketing? Then become our partner!

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