Why Do Local Dealers Need a Facebook Page?
Christoph Rüppel
January 8, 2019

Creating a Facebook page is one thing, using editorial and advertising content on a long-term basis is quite another. Do you really think? Because of this stubborn myth, many stationary retailers do not appear on Facebook — for fear of overload. A wasted opportunity!

The internet in general and social media in particular have matured into primary touchpoints between retailers and (potential) customers due to digitization. It is therefore especially important for local retailers to be present in social media. Consumers are increasingly searching for products and services on social networks such as Facebook. SoLoMo (acronym for Social, Local and Mobile) is the much preached credo of the hour. Facebook is becoming more and more a search engine!


Search Engine Facebook


For example, if you enter the keyword “shoes” in the search field of the Californian platform, you will find shoe stores in your area, that have the keyword in the title of their Facebook page, on the results page under the selection tab “Places”. Additional search criteria can be applied to the results page of the network. Facebook users can filter according to whether these stores have already been visited by their friends. Furthermore, you can select in which price range the displayed stationary providers should be. Being listed on these result pages is an invaluable added value for any local retailer.


Source: Facebook


Visibility on Google as a Side Effect


Facebook also offers customers the opportunity to leave reviews of the stores they visit. Buyers can give between one and five stars depending upon the level of satisfaction. Optionally, a short article can highlight what consumers particularly liked about the location, service or product selection. Recommendations are essential to attract new customers. You will increase your reputation and make a positive contribution to Google’s visibility. This gives you the possibility of a cross-channel synergy between Facebook and the search engine giant.


Community Management as Customer Service


Another advantage for the stationary trade: community management. Because Facebook users interact with posts, local dealers can answer any questions that may arise directly on the platform and provide additional incentives to buy. Potential customers appreciate this immediate service and convert into loyal buyers. Facebook also offers targeted advertising for individual products or product ranges. Since the targeting of the network is so finely defined, the local stores can be sure that exactly the target group for which the respective product is of interest will be reached.

The benefit of the stationary trade over the large online companies is indisputable: consumers can test products on site at local suppliers and purchase them promptly and without lengthy delivery channels. Many potential customers inform themselves online in order to then buy stationary on site. Think global, buy local! The presence on Facebook is paying off, as the network already had 2.34 billion users in July 2018. This is especially true for stationary retailers who do not have a regular website.

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