Advent should actually be the most contemplative time of the year, but every year – and especially in 2020 there is so much to do in a very short time that relaxation and cozy get-togethers are almost unthinkable. In addition to buying Christmas presents, organizing family visits, finding a nice Christmas tree, decorating the home, and the stress of work, this year there is added pressure from Lockdown and Corona. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve put together five tips for you on how to prevent stress and implement a good work-life balance in the run-up to Christmas.


#1 Work


Many companies are closed between the years and most people take time off from Christmas to New Year. This results in just under a week less time to complete your tasks at work. Therefore, divide your tasks well and, if necessary, move the slightly less important tasks to the new year.

Mutual support

Are there important tasks at the end of the year that you can’t manage on your own? Then you have to admit this to yourself and realize that you are not alone in this. Simply ask for support in the team or a colleague, there is really no shame in that! The tasks are distributed in the team and so the projects can be completed stress-free until the end of the year.

Separate personal and professional stress

The reason for the high stress level during the Christmas season is mainly due to the fact that private and professional stress come together. If you are aware of this, you can switch off a little better by actively separating work and private life mentally. Then the one big to-do list is divided into two smaller lists and you no longer feel completely overloaded.

Bring order to the chaos of thoughts

If your mind can’t get to rest and your thoughts only revolve around unfinished tasks, it usually helps a lot to pick up a pen and simply write everything down on paper. This alone reduces stress, because you no longer have the fear of forgetting something. Besides, the list doesn’t look so big anymore when you have everything in writing in front of you.

#2 Organization

In order to take some of the burden off, it is very important to have a rough plan, because then everyone knows what is pending and by which time the aspect should be completed. Task sharing is also very helpful in the private environment, so that the complete organization does not remain with one person. Everyone does what he or she does best, so the little ones may, for example, decorate the Christmas tree and help cut out the cookie dough. In doing so, the adults should lower their attitude to perfectionism a little, because the child will not decorate the tree exactly as the adult imagines, which is not a bad thing at all. In general, if habitual routines lead to stress, they should be questioned and changed. This year, instead of a big Christmas dinner, would a buffet be a nice solution, with each family member contributing something?



#3 Gifts

Christmas comes every year, so just pay attention to small signals and wishes that develop over months throughout the year. Then you can get the Christmas gift already in spring or autumn and you have less stress in the Advent season. This tip is of course overdue for this Christmas and would then only be relevant again for next year. Therefore here again a few ideas: A self-made photo calendar or photo album is always a nice gift, because it is personal and reminds you of beautiful moments together. That’s also a catchphrase for the next suggestion, which is to give the gift of time, such as a spa day for two or a cozy movie night with lots and lots of delicious sweets. And if nothing else helps, homemade cookies just always go!



#4 It’s all in the mind

Attitude is a huge aspect when it comes to stress. Christmas doesn’t have to go perfectly. If you realize that and lower your expectations, you’ll feel a lot lighter and more relaxed right away. Getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating healthy will promote a good body image all the more.



#5 Time with the family

And now the most important thing of all: spend time with your family on a regular basis, for example during a board game party! Advent is a time of reflection and coziness – and you should definitely take the time for that!

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