Your company should avoid these five social media mistakes at all cost!

Your company should avoid these five social media mistakes at all cost!

Désirée Aucello
Désirée Aucello
published at April 1, 2021   
updated at March 21, 2022

Making mistakes is human and, as we all know, you learn from them. Still, there are things you can learn from, even if you haven’t done them wrong yourself yet. In this blog post, we’ll show you the pitfalls you can expect on your way to become a social media marketing expert and the mistakes your team should avoid at all cost when it comes to social media marketing!


Rank 5: Using a personal profile instead of a Facebook page.

A faux pas that has actually been known for far too long to mention here and yet. Unfortunately, it happens again and again. What may not be bad for the corner store, companies with a serious marketing interest should avoid as much as possible. Especially with smaller companies that want to jump on the social media bandwagon quickly, we see this mistake again and again that a private profile is created in the name of the company instead of setting up a fan page. A decision that has some disadvantages in the long run! Among other things, with a profile no adjustments can be made to the layout, while with a company page you can decide between different templates. This allows your company to highlight special services or even your own products. Furthermore, you don’t get statistics and insights about the personas that follow your page, such as age, gender or location. However, the most serious advantage for us marketers is that they can create advertisements on a company page. With their help, they can expand their customer base, increase sales or simply reach a larger audience. So, avoid this rookie mistake and open up whole new opportunities for your business with a professional Facebook page.

Rank 4: Don’t underestimate social media!

Social media is more than a friends book or a place to like other people’s posts. For many companies, there are undreamed-of opportunities to achieve or even surpass their own goals. But anyone who thinks that the money is lying on the street is sorely mistaken. Platforms with great potential for companies also need to be worked on accordingly, and that’s the catch – work. The days when social media management or advertising were done by interns on the side are over. In the meantime, many of the well-known platforms have developed into professional marketing tools that require the appropriate know-how in online marketing. If you’re unsure and don’t know your way around, you should definitely seek professional advice to help you get started in social media marketing.


Rank 3: Wait and see if the trend continues

Harlem Shake, Icebucket Challenge, Unicorns – these are just a few examples that were once trendy and have now (almost) passed the zenith of their existence. The world of social media is more fast-paced than almost any other. Almost every day we are confronted by Facebook and Co. with new features, user interfaces or even apps – and that’s a good thing! Users want to be entertained by exciting content and engage emotionally with your content. That’s exactly why it’s more important than ever to create varied content and reach your target audience on the appropriate platforms. So be curious and test new possibilities early on to surf along on the wave of success of the hype. Don’t be afraid to try something out, because as Confucius said: A rolling stone gathers no moss.


Rank 2: Do not use 2 factor authentication

Let’s assume you have locked your entire assets in a safe that can only be opened with a single key and this key is in your possession. Would you then multiply this key infinitely and randomly send it to strangers by letter with your address? No? This very key to your valuable private data is two-factor authentication. This essentially means logging into your account not only with your credentials, but by confirming with another (second) medium (such as a code).  Not only Facebook and Instagram, but also many other services now offer this security method to protect their user accounts from unauthorized access and prevent data theft. We strongly recommend that you also use this option. Once the access data has been read by phishing, there is no stopping the perpetrators and they can cause considerable damage to your accounts. On the whole, verification is very simple and easy to implement. You should find this option in most apps and programs under “Settings” or “Privacy and Security”.


Rank 1: Provide fake accounts with admin rights.

“Our Facebook account has been suspended, can you guys help us out?” This or something similar is how it sounds when customers contact us who have created “Mary Christmas” as a Facebook user and use it to manage their business. The worst thing their business can do is create a Facebook profile with a fantasy identity to manage their promotional activities and also give it admin privileges. We understand the thought behind this, that employees don’t want to link their private profiles and you would rather have a general company login. With such a false identity, however, you not only violate the applicable Facebook T&Cs, but also risk having your profile and the advertising accounts linked to it blocked. It therefore makes much more sense to link your team to your business manager. This will allow you to assign different permissions to pages and advertising accounts, as well as designate payment administrators and analysts. By the way, the invitation to the business manager can be sent to the employees’ company email address and the profile will then only serve as verification. Assigning permissions wisely and using 2-factor authentication will not only help your team coordinate better, but also take your corporate account security to the next level.



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